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How to split firewood

You need to chop wood on the massive deck

While living in nature, in the village or in the country, as well as during any construction work on the nature, chopping firewood becomes an integral part of the workflow.

To properly chop wood, and the work to be as efficient as possible, you need to follow a set of rules that allow the wood to chop quickly and efficiently.



For chopping wood using a heavy and massivedeck that will withstand the stresses and not break from constant attacks. For different types of timber using different tools: not too thick firewood Splitting Axe and thick logs chop cleaver using wedges.


Learn how to get cleaver or hatchet incorrect location of the log to easily split it. To do this, follow the arrangement of knots in the surface of the log, not to get on the bitch ax blade. Always place the blade along the knot, rather than across. End by splitting the log, which is situated further from the knot.


Centered splitting logs, further chop each of the resulting plates in half, to get logs, quadrangular. Too thick logs can be further split into two smaller logs.


In some cases, if the texture of the wood allows it, split logs on more subtle parts, and sometimes they are left thick.


If you want to firewood quickly and easily lit up, pinned them enoughthin and thrown into the furnace short logs. Thick and long logs ignite longer and slower burn through. Too thick logs should not put in the oven - they rarely burn through to the end.


FIREWOODPROCESSORS choose a warm and sunny weather, as in this case, you can leave them to dry in the sun. In case of bad weather and rain drop firewood under a canopy, putting them in a woodpile, to avoid getting wet.

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