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How to split a hard disk with data

How to split a hard disk with data

For most users, there are several local disks for a long time is the norm.

There are many reasons that made"Break" the hard drives into sections. It may be the desire to distinguish between the free space between all users of the computer or laptop, as well as the need to install an operating system on a separate partition.

But sometimes there are situations in which you want to add a partition on the hard drive without formatting and losing information.

You will need

  • Powerquest Partition Magic
  • Acronis



Select a program with which you will bedivide the hard disk. Better use Powerquest Partition Magic or Acronis. The first program is the most adapted for the average user, and the second - more functional.

How to split a hard disk with data


If your choice has fallen on Powerquest programPartition Magic, then after launch, open the "Wizards" menu and go to the tab "Create Partition" or "Express Create Partition". Note that the new partition can be created only from the open area of ​​one of the existing local CDs. Therefore, be careful with the removal of unnecessary information.

How to split a hard disk with data


Select the size and file systemnew partition, select the volume label (optional). Complete the partition creation wizard. Click "Start" or "Apply". Its icon looks like a flag with a chessboard in the figure.

How to split a hard disk with data

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