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How to split a hard disk

To split a hard disk into multiple partitions, we need special programs

To split a hard disk into multiple partitions,we need special programs. In addition to well-known paid solutions such as Paragon Partition Manager or Acronis Disk Director, you can use free of charge and, for example, Partition Logic, Parted Magic or Cute Partition Manager.

In fact, their only difference from the paid software is the lack of Windows-based version and the need to boot from a LiveCD or other external media.

It is unlikely that this can be considered a critical drawback, especially since the task to break the hard drive they manage to? Excellent ?.



Consider creating partitions on procedureExample Acronis Disk Director, as the one of the most popular and common programs of this kind. After starting the program will analyze and display equipment in the form of icons all installed on the computer hard drives. In order to break up the hard disk partitions, select it with the mouse and click on the command? Create Partition ?, on the left into the field of operations.


Next confirm the selection and drive alreadyexisting partition on it, from which the new partition will be created. Assign the size of the future partition by moving the slider left or right, or by entering its digits in the designated field. The volume of the new partition can not be greater than the size of the partition from which it is created.


Specify the type of partition. To store files choose? Logic ?, for the main system? ?Active?. Select the type of file system: NTFS or FAT32, and enter the volume label, if necessary. Tag? is the drive name that will be displayed in Windows Explorer to a drive letter, for example:? DATA (D :) ?. If the label is not required, leave this field empty. After viewing the visual result of the introduction operation settings push the button? Finish ?.


In the main window click on the button?Proceed ?. All settings previously entered will be consistently applied, and the corresponding operations are performed. At the end of the program will display a message service that it was carried out successfully. After that, if necessary, create one or several hard disk partitions repeat the above operations.

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