How to split a file


How to split a file</a>

When sending files by e-mail, you may encounter a problem when the mail server does not allow you to send or receive a large file.

When a file has to be sent at all costs, but there is no other way, you can break it down? And sent in parts.

Do not be afraid? There will be no sharp splinters!



Indeed, sometimes it is impossible to moveFile in some place without breaking it into parts. It is impossible to do it without improvised means, but sometimes you do not suspect that the treasured "hammer" that can help you break the right file into pieces is at your fingertips! More precisely, the necessary program, which can cut any file into parts, is installed on your computer. Because without such a program in everyday life, the user does not just manage, and speech, of course, is about a regular archiver, such as WinRAR or WinZip.


If you for some ridiculous accident do notInstalled archiver, you can download it on the official website of one of the developers of wonder programs. Choose your taste? They do not differ much, in any case, the ordinary user of the difference will not notice. True, you can try and choose for yourself more comfortable.


So, if your choice? WinRAR, you need to right click on the file that needs to be divided into parts, and select the menu line? Add to archive ?. In the appeared window not only need to choose a place and a name? Of fragments? (By default the file cut into parts will fall into the same folder) but also to do the most important thing? Write a number (unfortunately, only in bytes), which will be the size of each part of the future file. This size should be specified in the box? Divide by volume ?. In general, in this same window you can choose the offered finished sizes.


The WinZip program allows you to enter a sizePart of the file is not in bytes, but in a more familiar dimension? Megabytes. The principle of "breakdown"? The same as in WinRAR. Follow the same path to achieve the desired result.


After the file has been cut to pieces, you will have several file archives that will allow you to open the entire file only if all parts are in the same folder on the computer.

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