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How to split a file

How to split the file

When sending an e-mail file, you may encounter a problem when the mail server does not allow to send or receive large files.

When a file in that whatever was to be sent, and no other way can it? Break? and forward piecemeal.

Do not be scared? sharp pieces will not be!



Indeed, sometimes it is impossible to movefile in a place without breaking it apart. Make it impossible not improvised, but sometimes you do not even suspect that coveted? Hammer ?, that can help you break the desired file into pieces, is at your fingertips! More precisely, a necessary program that can cut any file into pieces, installed on your computer. Because without such a program in daily use the user to do is not easy, and we are, of course, talking about the usual archiver such as WinRAR or WinZip.


If you for some ridiculous accident is notArchiver installed, you can download it on the official site of one of the wonderful software developers. Choose to your taste? they are not much different, in any case, a normal user would not notice the difference. However, you can try and choose a more convenient.


So if your choice? Of WinRAR, you need to right-click on the file that requires splitting, and select the menu bar? Add to archive ?. In the window that appears not only need to select the location and name of the fragments? (The default file is cut into pieces to fall into the same folder), but the most important thing to do? register number (unfortunately only in bytes), which will be the size of each part of the future file. This size should be specified in the window? Divide into volumes ?. In general, the proposed final size can be selected in the same window.


WinZip program enables you to enter the sizeFile part not in bytes, and in a more familiar dimension? megabytes. Principle? Breakdown? the same as in WinRAR. Proceed in the same way to achieve the desired result.


Once the file is cut into pieces, will be several file archives before you, that will open the entire file, only if all the parts are in one folder on your computer.

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