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How to spin a spindle


How to spin a spindle</a>

Mittens made of sheep or dog wool, a cap from gentle rabbit fuzz always warm your baby.

Therefore, try to learn how to spin and make wonderful threads with your hands, in which there is a piece of your heat.



Prepare the wool. To do this, carefully go through it. Very messy shreds throw. Comb the hair. To do this, use a comb with sparse blunt teeth. Wear bunches of six on it and stretch it in different directions. Fold the received strings and comb again. Do this until the bulk of the fibers of the coat are in the same direction. Next, roll into the towel and tie it to the spinning wheel. You can use the back of the chair.


Take the spindle and sit on the bottom of the spinning wheel orA chair with a towel attached to it. To the bottom of the spindle (heel), tie a cotton thread, about 50 cm long. Next, make several turns clockwise and secure it with a sliding knot.


Pull out a little wool from the tow and connect it with a cotton thread. To do this, stretch the fibers of six and twist together with the thread, spindle while turning several times clockwise.


Now start spinning. Hold the spindle with three fingers for the upper part (sock) with your right hand, you can left, to whom as convenient, and rotate it clockwise. Simultaneously, 2-3 fingers with the other hand, evenly pull the wool from the tow.


Be careful, the thread must always be connected to the tow. If it breaks, then remove the breakage by laying the fibers on top of each other and making several turns Spindle.


After you get a twisted longThread, wind it on the spindle. To do this, remove the loop of the knot, wind the yarn and again fasten the sliding knot. Continue so spinning until the spindle forms a large skein and it becomes inconvenient to work with it. Wind the thread into a tangle and start spinning again.

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