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How to spin a spindle

Mittens from sheep or dog hair, cap of delicate rabbit down always will warm your baby.

Therefore, try to learn how to spin and make a great thread with your hands, which will remain a piece of your warmth.



Prepare the hair. To do this, carefully iterate through it. Very tangled shreds discard. Comb your hair. To do this, use a comb with sparse blunt teeth. Wear it six beams and stretch in different directions. Fold the resulting strands and comb again. To do so until the bulk of the wool fibers will not be located in the same direction. Next, take in tow and tie to the spinning wheel. You can use the back of the chair.


Take the spindle and sit on the basal plate or spinning wheelsnear the chair with tied him tow. By the bottom of the spindle (heel) tie a cotton thread and a length of about 50 cm. Then do it a few turns clockwise and secure a slipknot.


Pull out tow a little wool and connect it with a cotton thread. To do this, drag the six fibers and twist together with thread, spindle with the turn several times in a clockwise direction.


Now proceed to the spinning. Hold the spindle with three fingers of the upper part (toe) with your right hand, you can left someone as comfortable, and rotate it clockwise. At the same time 2-3 fingers with the other hand pull the wool uniform of the tow.


Be careful, the thread must always be connected to the tow. If it breaks, then remove the break by putting fiber at each other and making a few turns spindle.


After a long turn twistedstring, wrap it on the spindle. To do this, remove the hinge assembly, screw and fasten yarn slipknot again. Continue to spin so as long as the spindle does not form a large skein and work with it will be uncomfortable. Wind the yarn into a ball and start spinning again.

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