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How to spend the wiring in the house

Open wiring in a wooden house can be hidden in those boxes

Electricity is now in every home wiringElectricity should be carried out in accordance with electrical and fire safety and in compliance with building codes (SNIP) Each specific structure they own.



Mandatory elements of the electrical systemyour home must be: connection to an external power supply (air electric line or underground cable), electric meter (should also take into account the energy consumption to pay for it), and the wiring of electrical wires connecting the control system and safety devices (guard).


The counter in the same household can be one. It is mounted on the distribution board away from the possible physical effects, whether heating pipes, water supply, sewerage or mechanical effects. From the opening device to the shield to go one-piece cable, without any damage to the insulation.


From the same input device dodistribution of electricity in the house. Line Group, which is extracted from it, nourish sockets, lighting network. It is desirable in this case that one indoor power outlet going from one line, and the light from the other.


It is not necessary to remind once again thatwiring must carry with access to work with electricity. He must not only know all the rules, but also have special tools and it should be special clothes, no current is passed.


The houses, built of brick orconcrete, paving the wiring under the plaster. If it is possible to lay electricity during construction, the cables are attached to a brick wall and a top layer of plaster is closed. If the wiring must be routed in the paneled room, we have to Stroebe walls by wires to a depth of 2-3 cm, which is not very convenient. In any case, the inner lining can be used only with a double wire insulation. To pave the wire boxes always vertically. This is done in order not to look for the wire, if necessary, replace the wiring or in different assembly work (demolition of walls). Around doorframes wiring at a distance of not less than 10 cm.


If necessary, hold the wire through the wall,then inserted in the drilled hole a rubber tube, and the ends of the porcelain bushing wear. If the raw space, each wire is threaded through a separate tube.


The wooden houses is recommended to layexposed wiring of the fire safety considerations. To harness looked aesthetically pleasing, it is placed in the special cable channels? hollow boxes. They can be life ne only white, but also finished in wood.

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