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How to hold a show


How to hold a show</a>

From any solemn event, you can make an unforgettable show.

In order that the holiday does not turn into a boring event, you need to think over the script of the show program.

You will need

  • Decoration of the hall, the stage. Indispensable elements of the holiday will be balloons, soap bubbles, serpentine, confetti.
  • The show script should consist of contests, jokes, games. You can prepare small presents for each contestant.
  • Professional DJ-
  • Show costumes-
  • Sound and light equipment.



Where to start:
Develop a detailed plan. To do this, you need to write down everything that needs to be done on paper, and then nothing will be missed.


To divide a holiday into stages: Entering the stage with a greeting, familiarizing the public with the program, distributing festive paraphernalia, playing with questions, holding contests, presenting presents to the winners of competitions, the dance stage (if provided) and the final stage.


We'll have to practice to enter into the image of an impressive cheerful person, who does not leave indifferent even the experienced spectator, which attracts the public with a sense of humor and excellent mood.


To create a unique atmosphere where everyone will feel comfortable, to rally people together so that mutual sympathy and goodwill arose.


Between the planned stages it is worth making small musical breaks, so that the transition was smooth.


There will certainly be children for the holiday, they needThink over a separate program like "Dive into a fairy tale" so that they give adults a chance to rest. Probably there is not a single living soul in the world who does not like the colorful cheerful show. Great responsibility falls on the person,Who will lead him, because his duties include: set the tone for the holiday, cheer up the guests, "light the fire," organize competitions, announce the program numbers, skillfully bypass the "sharp corners." Entertaining show Can count on success if you consider all these factors.
Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid improvisations, despite a carefully planned plan.
Competently built show Should not be a concert, but a program accompanying the holiday.

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