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How to spend May 1


How to spend May 1</a>

May Day is one of the most loved by the peopleHolidays. The May sun warms up almost in the summer, and the state provides people with several combined days off, which everyone spends in their own way.

In general, everything has an active and carefree rest.



The long tradition of celebrating the holidayUnfortunately, the demonstration began to be forgotten. But many enterprises and public organizations still go out on the streets of the city to greet the spring. You can join them and let not a slim, but an inspired column pass through the squares with flags and bright balloons.


Another tradition is to spend this holiday onNature. Bonfire, shish kebabs, badminton on young grass and general merriment make the days off special. Despite the fact that it is a holiday of spring and labor, it is not absolutely necessary to work at your beloved dacha. Better take tents, guitar, more food, spend the day as cheerful as possible. Be careful with the fire, remember the rules of fire safety.


Many on May holidays, taking advantage ofLong weekend, leave for warmer countries. Especially it's justified when we have rainy and overcast weather. At the same time you can join the overseas traditions and customs. For example, these days in Sicily harvest meadow chamomiles, which according to legend bring happiness. And in Switzerland, girls plant a pine tree in front of the window - just on the spring and labor festival (symbolically, is not it?).


When the street is warm, but heartily happy, I want toTry something that you never did. For example, start to learn some kind of extreme. Or, finally, take care of your health and visit a specialized medical center. Spend the weekend with benefit.


And May 1 is a good day for dating. Walk around the city, flirt and fool around. The holiday of spring, and therefore of love, should be celebrated with smiles and a good mood. And then Ms. Luck herself will smile at you in return.

Warm you days off!

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