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How to spend the last days of summer

How to spend the last days of summer

The last days of summer evoke nostalgia and sadness for the past hot day and all the events associated with them.

Drop melancholy and spend the summer in a good mood, in the company of friends or relatives.



Gather your friends and arrange a picnic,if the weather permits. If you wish, you can go hiking with an overnight stay, because you need at least once in life to enjoy the August Starfall, if you have not seen it, and make a lot of as many wishes for the coming winter. If you have a large company in the fresh air you can arrange a sports or play mobile games for youth. Men happy to take on the barbecue, the women can make salads and simple snacks. Do not forget to take pictures, so you still have photos that resemble the last moments of the summer.


In the last days of summer, you can go on a nighta date with a loved one. Romantic, quiet city at night, under the moon kisses give your senses new colors, give unforgettable emotions and impressions.


If you want to not only enjoy nature,but also have some fun in the last days of summer, go with friends to the recreation center. During the day you can walk in the woods, roast meat, and in the evening to dance in a bar, billiards, karaoke and enjoy a cocktail or a glass of beer. Among friends easy and fun to spend the outgoing summer.


In the last days of summer in nightclubs areVarious funny theme parties, dedicated to the departing summer. So if you like crowded and noisy night party, go to a club, dance and have fun until the morning. You'll forget all about exactly sadness and longing for the heat has passed.


Another great option for loversshopping - at the end of the summer you can walk to the shops. At this time in all the clothing stores are selling old stock with discounts up to 70%. You can take the opportunity in the last days of summer to stock up on good clothes to the next warm season at very competitive prices. It is much more fun to go shopping with her best friend. After shopping, you can stroll along the park and enjoy the August sun.

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