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How to spend the gas the house

For gas heating pleasure and can suffer from installation

Gas? this is a source of heat, the installation of which can spoil the nerves of anyone.

But the further maintenance of gas heating costs mere pennies.



Gasification of any house should begin withtreatment in a gas committee to get the design specification. We hand over to the appropriate application, VAT number, registration certificate of BTI to build a house and their passport details. I have to wait two weeks to a month.


With the technical specifications designed to appealorganization, having familiarized with the pre-pricing and licensing. The organization is selected, the object for measurement leaves the designer. With him discussing brand equipment to be installed at the facility and the arrangement of gas appliances. The designer agrees with Gorgaz project, and it takes another 15 days.


Select then mounting the organization. We sign a contract, do not forget to stipulate all the time. The same organization and deliver Gorgaz this section of the pipeline in operation. acceptance period can go up to a month. A positive decision requires the customer to the disbursement of funds for technical supervision. When the work is finished, the contractor prepares all documents and delivers Gorgaza representative, where the paper is stored.


Not later than 21 days after the transferPackage documents in Gorgaz, gas service meter is sealed and concludes with the customer contract in which the gas will be delivered to the site. Of course, the customer offer to pass a small training course safety. Then the customer pays the sidebar to the main gas pipeline, carried out by the respective service.


After all these operations, the customer must call the gas service, so she opened the gas tap, perform a gas start-up to an object, as well as equipment checked for leaks and launched devices.


Your torment is about to run out. It remains only to invite a representative of the service organization, which is necessary to conclude an agreement. This contract will provide your input gas equipment in operation. This action will have to be fulfilled if you want to preserve your warranty.

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