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How to spend the first English lesson in preschool children

English in preschool children

Modern education system allows to learn English since preschool.

This has its advantages and disadvantages.

If the teacher will be able to captivate children as its subject, it is always a positive impact on a child who love language and will continue to be successful at his studies.

How to prepare for the first lesson of English in preschool children

Teaching English - interesting, butthe same time, not an easy task. Especially when it comes to children. To hold them a lesson, you need to not only know the subject well, but also the psychology of children. Find the approach to the child - the most important task of the teacher.
Spend the first lesson in preschool children - the crucial moment, it is from this lesson will depend on the desire of children to language and knowledge.
Before the lesson should think over all,that there were no incidents and surprises. It is necessary to study the methodology of teaching English to kids, child psychology. View sources that can help. For example: internet, books. Listen to the advice of experienced teachers who know their subject inside and out.
The most important thing you need to do - isprepare a summary of the lesson. Detailed think that it should bring the children in their lives first English lesson. In the summary, such components must be disclosed: Purpose, methods and techniques, lesson course plan.

How to conduct English lessons, to motivate children

Children - are the direct and active men, who love playing, learn something new and interesting. To them learn something, it should be fun to try and get them interested.
The approach to young children should differ significantly from that of older children.
The first lesson of English in preschool children can go in different ways, but that it was the most successful, you need to activate the game. Training should take place in the form of a game.
During this well-practiced speaking,because this is the age of knowledge they have postponed intuitive memory. Best of all they are perceived with words cards, all sorts of mazes, coloring, quests. Children love to sing and move. You can do exercises with them, voicing the English exercises. Learn a verse, sing a song, which can be in the future as a greeting.
To use many of the children can play all kinds of scenes in English while learning colors, numbers, food.
Typically, the first lesson begins with learning the alphabet. We need to prepare cards and words for each letter, so that the kids formed associative thinking.
There are many different methods and ways of carrying out the lesson. It is important to motivate children to later they wanted to learn the language.
To the lesson was a success, first of all, you need to love their children, and their subject, and then all must come out!

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