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How to spend 12 birthday

Birthday - 12 years</a>

At 12 the child is already a teenager.

Therefore, children's entertainment for the birthday does not fit.

You can include interesting contests for teenagers in the program and do not forget to decorate dishes and table properly.

You will need

  • - flowers, balls, garland for decoration-
  • - adhesive tape, paper, pencils for contests-
  • - a laptop for entertainment.



Buy a beautiful paper tablecloth on the table andOne-time dishes per tone. Then after the holiday you will not have to wash the mountains of plates and wash the tablecloth. Put a few small bouquets on the table, decorate the walls with balls, garland with congratulations for 12 years. The festive decoration of the room is ready.


If the culprit of the celebration is a young lady, then startEvening with a cheerful "edible" contest. Hand out the preparations for canapés, which consist of bread, cheese, ham. Also necessary are olives, grapes, greens, skewers for canapés.


It is interesting to observe the fruits of the labors, which will turn out delicious and amusing. It's nice to eat these original mini sandwiches afterwards. Salads, hot too, decorate appropriately.


If the birthday boy is a boy, then do someSalads so that they reflect his interests. Does he like music? Prepare a salad and put it in the form of a piano. From the slices of cheese and black olives make light and dark keys.


If he is fond of computers, then bake to him andGuests cake that resembles a real laptop. Such realism will help to achieve sweet mastic. With her help decorate the cake with flowers, if the 12th birthday of the girl is celebrated.


Blowing up the candles turn into a merry scene, beforehand buying special candles that can not be blown out. Everyone will laugh at it.


Let the children themselves remove and mount a clip on the computer, in which they will sing. Adolescent girls like to blow out hair with a hair dryer to sound like real scene stars.


For a youthful holiday too will approachComputer techologies. With their help, remove in advance a small film that will consist of slices of amateur video. Think of original comments and add them to the story. Guests, seeing themselves in comical situations, will certainly be cheerful.


Consider active competitions to enable children to move. Put in the hat the pieces of paper on which the tasks are written (dance, parody, etc.). Pulled out a phantom, does his job.



Prepare for the contest "Guess" scotch tape, paper andPencils for all participants. Let everyone write the name of the character and paste a neighbor on his forehead. All see only other people's inscriptions, their own - no. Now everyone in turn asks questions about his character. Who first guessed it - won.


Birthday will be fun and will be remembered for a long time.

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