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How to spend a day 12 years birthday

Birthday - 12 years

In 12 years, the child is already a teenager.

Therefore, children's entertainment for a birthday does not fit.

You can make a program of interesting contests for teenagers, and do not forget to arrange meals and the table properly.

You will need

  • - Flowers, balloons, garland for oformleniya-
  • - Adhesive tape, paper, pencils konkursov-
  • - Laptop for entertainment.



Buy on the table beautiful and the paper tableclothdisposable dishes to match. Then, after the holiday will not have to wash the mountain of dishes and wash cloth. Put on the table a few small bouquets, wall Arrange balls, garland, saying congratulations for 12 years. Festive decoration of the room is ready.


If the hero of the occasion - the young lady, then starta fun evening with "edible" contest. Hand assembled bars for tapas, which consist of bread, cheese, ham. Also needed olives, grapes, greens, skewers for canapes.


It is interesting to observe the fruits of labor, which will turn out delicious and fun. Nice to eat then this original mini-sandwiches. Salads, hot, too, decorate accordingly.


If the birthday boy - boy, do somesalads so that they reflect his interests. He loves music? Prepare the salad and place it in the form of a grand piano. From slices of cheese and black olives make light and dark buttons.


If he is interested in computer, then bake it andGuests cake that resembles a real laptop. Such realism helps to achieve a sweet paste. With her decorate the cake with flowers, if celebrated 12 years of girls.


Blowing out candles turn into a fun scene, advance purchasing special spark that can not blow out. To laugh at the same time will be all.


Let the children themselves will be removed and assemble clip on a computer, which will be sung. Teenage girls like hair blow dryer, to resemble the real stars of the scene.


For the youth festival will also workComputer techologies. With their clear advance a short film, which will consist of cuts of amateur video. Come up with original comments and add them to the story. Guests saw himself in comical situations will certainly cheer.


Think active contests to give children the opportunity to move. Put the pieces of paper in a hat, on which were written assignments (dance, parody, etc.). Pull out the phantom performs its task.



Prepare for the contest "Guess" tape, paper andpencils for all participants. Let each one write the name of the character and paste on the forehead neighbor. Everyone can see only the wrong line, a - no. Now everyone take turns asking questions about his character. Who was the first guessed it - won.


Birth Day will take place fun and remember.

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