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What to activate Windows 8

Operating system Windows 8 requires activation, otherwise the bulk of its functions will be inaccessible to the user.



Find the activation code on the disc box with the operating system. Enter it in the activation window and wait a couple of minutes.


Most computers and laptops todaysold with operating system activated. You can verify this by pressing simultaneously on the Window and Pause keys. "System" window opens. Status of activation you can see the bottom of the window.


You will find, or purchase an activation key, Windows 8. You can acquire the key from to Microsoft, by clicking on the appropriate button. This is done online, so your computer must be connected to the Internet. If your computer has Windows 8 was installed before the purchase, the activation code should be found on the computer or in the accompanying documentation.


Click in the section System "button" Enter the newkey. " Windows 8 activation key is a 25-digit number of digits and letters of the Latin alphabet, divided into five groups of five characters). Open a command prompt. Simultaneously press the buttons Window and H. slui Type 3 and press Enter.


Enter activation key. The operating system will verify the authenticity of the key and start the activation through the Internet. If during this process fails, you will be offered to call the specified telephone number to solve the problem.

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