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How to conduct a school action against smoking


How to conduct a school action against smoking</a>

One of the most important problems of education is the development of a value attitude to one's health. Especially it is necessary to prevent smoking in junior school and adolescence.

This work should be carried out taking into account age and psychological characteristics.

Every year on every third Thursday of November, the entire world observes the Day of Quitting.

To coincide the action it is possible and to the World day without tobacco.

You will need

  • -Confection or vitamins-
  • -whatman-
  • -flasters, markers.



Conduct a blitz-poll among pupils and teachers "I do not smoke, because ...", "I smoke, because ...". Ask students to draw posters, posters with calls to lead a healthy lifestyle.


At the entrance to the school, carry out the action "Changing sweets for cigarettes". At school it is possible to conduct a radio line "To smoke - to harm health!". At the changes, organize "Minutes of Health".


Lessons can be associated with the harm of smoking. If this is not possible, at the beginning of the lesson, spend an informational five-minute session.


At the end of the lessons, gather the children in the assembly hallSchools. Conduct a game-tour of the stations, a round table, a conference of your choice. You can put a play-fairy tale, perform antitobacco ditties, arrange a trial of a cigarette.


The result of the action may be the awarding of participants for individual nominations. Summarize the blitz survey.

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