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How to spend in school anti-smoking campaign

How to spend in school anti-smoking campaign

One of the most important problems of education - the development of the valuable relation to their health. Especially needed smoking prevention in primary school and adolescence.

This work should be carried out taking into account the age and psychological characteristics.

Every year, every third Thursday of November people all over the world celebrates the Day of quitting.

Action can be timed and the World No Tobacco Day.

You will need

  • -konfety or vitamin-
  • -whatman-
  • -flomastery markers.



Spend a quiz among students and teachers, "Do not smoke, because ..." "I smoke because ...". Ask students to draw posters, placards calling for a healthy lifestyle.


At the entrance to the school conduct action "Change candy cigarettes." The school can hold radiolineyku "Smoking - harm to health!". At recess organize "Minutka health."


Lessons can be related to the dangers of smoking. If this is not possible, at the beginning of the lesson spend five-minute information.


At the end of the lessons the children gather in the auditoriumschool. Spend-game tour of the stations, a round table conference of your choice. You can put a play-tale fulfill tobacco control ditties, to arrange a trial of the cigarette.


The result of the action can be rewarding participants for individual nominations. Summarize quiz.

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