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How to hold a competition Miss

How to hold a competition Miss

Election of Miss and Mister something else - responsible action.

Its preparation may take a lot of time and effort, but if you make a clear plan of all would be not so bad.

Rate upcoming work properly distribute responsibilities and feel like a true professional.



First you need to hold a casting membercompetition. The selection criteria must match the theme of the event. That is, if there is a contest of beauty, you need to select the participants in appearance. If the casting is carried out in the contest "Miss sweet tooth", requires the ability to participating oven and decorate cakes.


Then think about whether you need to contest coveragein the media. If yes, then you must agree in advance to reporters, to provide some start information about the event and send out invitations. Invite a holiday videographer and photographer. Then he will be not only in your hearts and memories, but also in colorful albums.


Choose the venue in accordance with theContest theme. suit local assembly hall for internal corporate or school holidays. For large-scale competitions, you can rent a hall, theater or nightclub. In this case, you will be able to profitably exercise due professional lighting and sound.


The competition must be held ata specific scenario that can include and coffee breaks, and concert performances of guest artists. It's wise to spend a few rehearsals to himself celebration took place without problems. If the competition there are nonresident participants arrange their accommodation and meals.


No competition can not do without a jury. Select members of the evaluation team in advance. They need to understand the theme of the contest and command respect participants. Do not forget that the competition task and the organizers of the comments should not insult the feelings and virtues themselves contestants and jury members. And, of course, do not forget about the gifts and the grand prize, which the winner will receive under the solemn music and camera flashes.

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