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How to close the tab

How to spend advertising

How to spend advertising

You started your business.

Registered companies have started to produce a product or provide a service.

The next step on the way of your development - it is an advertisement.

Without it about your product no one will know you need to express yourself.



The target audience.
In order to advertise their goods orservice, decide on your target audience. Who do you want to attract? Imagine the potential buyer in detail - what it is age and gender, which is education and income level, the sources from which takes the information travels there with your own car or prefer public transportation? You must not only identify the buyer, but also to understand what it feels like thinking that is the main motive for it? Learn to anticipate his wishes, predict possible. The more accurately you calculate your target audience, the less finance to spend on promotion, and the greater will be its effectiveness.

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The channel of communication.
Find out who is your target audience,perform monitoring - where people get their information, which spodvigaet them to buy? Maybe it's the housewife who watch television during the day, or business people, then it is better to choose the peak time - from 7 am to 9 am or from 19 to 23 hours in the evening. Maybe it's motorists who are listening to the radio on the way? Or young people reading reviews of the product on the forums and sites? Maybe your target audience - are family people, once a week traveling in a large supermarket for food and fun to take part in the promotions? Identify your communication channel.

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The content of advertising.
At all times, the main incentive for the purchase and wasIt is an interesting advertising content. If advertising is beautiful, unusual, interesting, it will propel itself. Whether it's video online, a promotional campaign on the street or in a shop, discounts to improve customer loyalty. In addition, your product or service must have a really good quality. Suppose someone bought something that you produce, he liked it, and it is recommended that another 10 to their friends, and those still 10. Or tried your product person leading a popular blog, and was very pleased, he wrote about it in his blog and, as for many of his readers, he is the leader of the views as they wish to buy such goods.

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Setting goals.
Advertising is carried out not only in order to increasesales. Decide with your real goal - capturing market share, increase sales volume, the detuning from the competition, on the conclusion of a new product market, the seasonal sale. Never put more than one goal per advertising campaign. Depending on your goals, plan your company offers additional services or benefits to distinguish themselves from the competition and win the trust of the buyer, organize tastings and samplings, if the output is a new product, play with the price, if you want to win the market, sales start earlier.

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