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How to spend the weekend


How to spend the weekend</a>

After a hard working week, the upcoming weekend is happy as a child. Because this is the time when you can relax and allow yourself to do what you want.

However, you do not need to turn the weekend into a belly holiday near the TV, there are many leisure options that will not only let you escape from everyday problems, but also give a lot of new impressions.



Remember the book for which you take all the time,But can not read in any way. And go to the bookstore, and even better - to the reading room of the library. Silence and a special atmosphere will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the world of heroes, understand the meaning of the work, and the feeling that you are again a student will return you many years ago. And then all the working problems seem small and carefree.


If you do not like to read, go to your favorite movie. Only necessarily at the very last ranks, "for kisses." We are sure that after such a session you will become a regular at the cinemas.


A sightseeing trip to anothercity. Imagine how interesting it is to visit an ancient historical city, to see monuments of culture and sights, to go to a museum or an exhibition, to feel the spirit of that era. But even if you go to a modern metropolis, believe me, there will not be bored there either. And maybe, novelties of an infrastructure and to you will give inspiration.


Fans of active sports can use equestrian orBicycles, rafting on the river, and in winter - riding from the mountain in the zorba. Call friends with you, it will help to get even closer, and there will be someone to share emotions with.


Become a pioneer, every weekendDedicating to new occupations: go to a real tea ceremony, visit master classes or hobby-courses. And maybe, together with the second half, you will start going to the pool or playing badminton. In any case, the most important thing is not to stay at home.

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