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How to spend a day of self-management


How to spend a day of self-management</a>

School self-government day is an event, during which teachers can relax a little. After all, their role will be taken by high school students.

Such a day will allow pupils of the senior classes to understand the specifics of the work of teachers, and their younger classmates will be able to attend unusual lessons.

How to spend a school day in self-government?

You will need

  • Action plan



Yesterday it is necessary together with high school studentsRefresh the memory of the material that is planned to be given at the lessons of self-government. Be interested in children, share with them professional secrets, infect them with their optimism and desire for work. When the lessons begin, the newly-minted teachers will understand what it is like to keep the attention of schoolchildren or to pacify the naughty boy who hides in the back of his desk.


Conduct a symbolic test. Let the younger students ask the senior children interesting questions on the selected topics. Based on the results of answers among high school students, you can choose the temporary director of the school, the head teacher and teachers in different subjects. Come to the aid of future teachers-beginners, do not force them into a corner. Maybe one of the children decides to become a real teacher in the future.


Gather in the teachers' meeting, whereOrganizational issues will be resolved. Choose the right topic for the self-government day. It can be not just fun lessons and assigning duties to students, but also a trip to the theater, cleaning the schoolyard, a volunteer visit to the orphanage. It's better if the problems are real: then the children will be able to see how they solve and enjoy the result.


It is necessary to divide high school students into teams andGive them freedom in decision-making. Naturally, it is necessary to exercise control over children, but it should not be oppressive and too obvious. Pupils should feel that this is really the day of self-government. At the end of the day, be sure to sort out the best ideas and award winners. Be sure to praise the children for their initiative and diligence. Let the school collective be a single whole, and then you can count on active participation of pupils in the life of the school always, and not just on the day of school self-government.

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