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How to spend a class time in the classroom


How to spend a class time in the classroom</a>

Class hour is a kind of an additional lesson, free for visiting and assuming additional knowledge.

To ensure that the class hour was successful, it should be properly organized.

To do this, it is not superfluous to read a number of recommendations.



Usually cool hour Takes place once a week. During the week, it is necessary to accumulate questions to the students, which should be solved in a relaxed atmosphere. These questions can be written down in a separate notebook and ranked by importance.


For a week, you should talk with all the teachers,Who conduct lessons with your class. Discuss with them: what difficulties arise for the children, what is the general behavior of the class and whether it is possible to name their collective friendly. At the end of the conversation, it is also worth writing down the teachers' answers in the notebook for class houra.


As soon as the cool hour, It is necessary to outline aloud all the questions that need to be resolved within the allotted time. Questions should concern not only the organizational hourAnd progress in subjects. It is necessary to give due attention to informal relations in the team of children. After all, the class is a small family, with whom you see a large hourTime. Therefore, a friendly atmosphere should prevail in the team. If it does not exist, then it is necessary to identify the reasons and understand. This will help special tests, which can be borrowed from a school psychologist. The results of the test will help to identify the cause of the disparity in the class and effectively work on eliminating this problem.


Cool hour It is better to conduct it in the form of a friendly conversation, within which each student will be able to express his opinion without fear of assessing the teacher and his comrades. The goal of the class hourBut is the unity of the collective in the name of conscientious fulfillment of school affairs and accession in the classroom of an atmosphere of benevolence and cohesion.

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