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How to spend a bachelorette party not before the wedding

How to spend a bachelorette party not before the wedding

It's great that in this world there is a female friendship, and whatever did not express doubts about the skeptics in its existence - it is!

Many of us have kept very good relations with those who went to the same school or college.

Even in adulthood, we, though not as often as in his youth, gain friends.

Often, those with whom we do not meet every day, so the need for communication can be met by collecting fun bachelorette party, and after talking enough.



Of course, hen-partyand is best done in a neutral territory,to someone one does not have to strain with the cooking and cleaning the apartment. But if you want the hostess can get together and at home. Talk about the menu and find out who that will contribute to the overall table. In such an intimate hen-partye can not only solve the family, but also all the global problem.


Conduct hen-party not before the wedding, but simply tochat with friends, you can be gathered in the evening in some reasonably good restaurant, where you can dance. Make sure to reserve a table in advance, you can discuss the menu at the time when you are thinking. Quite good bottle of wine, warm conversation, a chance to relax and dance, chat - all this will leave wonderful memories.


But the most beautiful hen-party you can spend on the trip. Book a minibus and go with his girls on a mini-tour of the surrounding attractions, or simply the nature. The ability to stay without their families can sit and relax, and the trip itself - to gain new experiences and have fun on the road. You can make your travel route in advance, and you can rely on chance and go "aimlessly."

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