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How to speed up the video in Sony Vegas

How to speed up the video in Sony Vegas

With Sony Vegas can produce virtually any video editing operations.

Including the program functions allow to increase the speed of video playback, or, conversely, slow it down.

For this purpose, special tools in the editor window.



Open Sony Vegas on your computer and go to File - Open to open the video file. Wait for the video and then go to the storyboard, which shows fragments.


To increase the speed of a sectionvideo, hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard, and then grasp the left mouse button over the edge of the selected video and pull it inward to compress. The more this compression, the video is played at a higher speed. Using this option, you also increase the playback speed, and audio.


You can use a tool such asenvelopes of time by which the rate of change is obtained for a certain segment of the document. Left-click on the desired fragment or frame, and then go to Insert - Remove Envelope - Velocity upper toolbar.


In the storyboard, you will see a line atwith which you can adjust the playback speed of the desired fragment. To increase it, you must pick up this envelope. The higher the position, the faster the speed of the video being played. During editing, you can also see how to increase the speed as a percentage.


To speed up only a certain part of the video,double-click the left mouse button on the desired portion of the envelope. You will see a kind of reference point. Once again, make a double click in the location where you would like to finish video zoom speed. The greater the distance between the reference points, the smoother you can change the playback speed. Then grasp the envelope in this area and pull it up until then, until you get the desired value of the speed of playback.


After making the necessary settingsAdjust the length of playback video segment. To do this, move the triangle to the left by the value you want to reduce the playing time allotted for this fragment. Then save the changes. Increasing the speed of the video is completed.

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