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How to speed up the MTS modem

How to speed up the MTS modem

For some time now all major mobile operatorsconnection provide its subscribers the opportunity to buy GPRS / 3G-modem, which allows to use the Internet is literally everywhere catches a normal mobile phone. It sounds nice, but in reality it does not look so rosy: for example, if you are in the country where the phone is more or less work, the quality of the mobile Internet can be extremely low.

Let's see how works the mobile Internet, and try to speed up its work.

You will need

  • ? GPRS / 3G modem
  • ? PC or laptop



Modems for Mobile Internet work through thethe base station (cell) as the mobile telephone. Hence, most of the problems associated with the quality of communication. If you are far from the major cities, and next to you is just one or two cells, the mobile phone will keep the signal and you can make a call. However, for the use of the Internet? Thickness? channel, is likely to be enough: imagine how many simultaneous users can make phone calls with you. Base stations? Breathe ?, that is greater than the load on them, the lower the signal coverage area. Few people know where the cell is physically located so close to them to improve the speed is unlikely to succeed. In this case, it makes sense to use the Internet in the hours when the load on the plant is minimal.


For the Internet is important, not only the transmission ratedata but also stability of the compound. Many servers (sites) will automatically close the connection with the client if the response time (ping) is great. Therefore, in the peak hours you have over and over again to load the page to restart the connection, etc. In order to work a little to improve the speed of the Internet, it is recommended to use the Opera browser with Opera Turbo enabled mode or install Traffic Compressor. Thus the page that you request, will be compressed on the server side and then sent to you. This will save traffic and reduce the number of attempts to load the page.


Modems can be slow, not only foroutside the city. In large cities, the quality of communication can also vary greatly in different areas. Sometimes problems arise because of the fact that you are physically closer to the base station is operating in 3G mode. Yes, 3G new standard data rate is much higher than GPRS, however, the load on a new station can be greater at this time than at the located some distance the cell operating in GPRS / Edge mode. And thus closer 3G cell reduces its coverage area, and your modem is trying to? Catch? unstable signal. The quality of communication in this situation usually leaves much to be desired. It is recommended to switch the modem to the GPRS / Edge mode. So you lose a bit in the connection speed, but the connection will be more stable.

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