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How to speed up hair growth

How to speed up hair growth

One of the main advantages of women - a healthy and beautiful hair. A special magnetism have long hair, arresting men's views and never go out of fashion.

Hair growth would be desirable to speed up, but some effective methods for this pick?

The reason for slow hair growth is most oftenIt is scarce nutrients and weak circulation. If the body is no longer cope with the scalp providing the necessary nutrients, the follicles become passive - they retain their function, but in this case the hair grows very slowly. This situation will correct and proper nutrition, ensuring the intake of essential vitamins and trace elements.
The next step is to accelerate the growth of hair isproper care, which additionally provides health and beauty chic curls. Dry the hair dryer is not recommended without urgent need. To minimize the need to reduce the use and ironing, ploek, hair gels and varnishes, which provoke brittle hair. The most negative effect on the hair has a perm.
Shampoos and conditioners should be chosen strictlyaccordance with the type of hair. Brushes and combs should not injure either the scalp or the hair itself. Be sure to do scalp massage (special comb or your fingers), to improve blood circulation, by which the follicles receive oxygen and everything you need for fast hair growth.
Be sure to visit the hairdresser at least once a month to trim the tips - it helps to speed up hair growth.
Even when the hair begins to grow much faster,we should not forget about caring for them. It is particularly important regular hydration, without which the hair is broken in the period of intensive growth. You can do moisturizing mask for popular recipes, or use ready-made air conditioners, sprays or elixirs for deep moisturizing.
The worst enemy of the hair - it is hard diet. From them it is necessary to refuse, preferring the correct and balanced diet with plenty of clean water.
By following the simple tips, you can not only accelerate the growth of hair, but also to make the curls are incredibly beautiful and healthy-catching views of men and envy women.

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