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How to maximize the growth of hair


One of the main female virtues is healthy and beautiful hair. Special magnetism is possessed by long curls that attract men's looks and are never out of fashion.

Hair growth wants to be accelerated as much as possible, but what effective methods to choose?

The cause of slow hair growth is most oftenIs the lack of nutrients and weak blood circulation. If the body stops coping with providing the scalp with the necessary nutrients, the follicles become passive - they retain their functions, but the hair grows very slowly at the same time. This situation will correct correct and adequate nutrition, ensuring the intake of necessary vitamins and trace elements into the body.
The next step to accelerate hair growth isThe right care, which additionally provides beauty and health of chic ringlets. Drying hair with a hairdryer without the urgent need is not recommended. To a minimum, it is necessary to reduce the use of ironing, plaques, gels and hair lacquers, which provoke brittle hair. The most negative effect on hair is having a perm.
Shampoos and balms should be chosen strictly inAccordance with the type of hair. Brushes and combs should not injure the scalp, nor the hair itself. It is necessary to do a scalp massage (special comb or fingers) to improve blood circulation, through which the follicles get oxygen and everything necessary for rapid hair growth.
Be sure to visit the hairdresser at least once a month to trim the tips - this helps to speed up hair growth.
Even when the hair begins to grow noticeably faster,Do not forget about caring for them. Especially important is regular moisturizing, without which hair breaks during a period of intense growth. You can make moisturizing masks according to folk recipes or use ready-made conditioners, sprays or elixirs for deep moisturizing.
The most terrible enemy of hair is rigid diets. They must be abandoned, giving preference to a balanced and balanced diet with plenty of clean water.
Observing simple advice, you can not only accelerate the growth of hair, but also make the curls incredibly beautiful and healthy, riveting glances of men and causing envy in women.

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