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Spectacular and original packaging for champagne

Impressive and original packaging for champagne

Very often in the New Year and presented with a box of chocolatesa bottle of champagne. A gift is, of course, is good, but if you make this a little imagination, originality and a bit of patience, then this gift will be much more interesting.

I bring to your attention an unusual packaging for champagne, namely in the form of pineapple.


You will need

  • - In tissue paper sheet of orange color 2 -
  • - In tissue paper 1 green larch
  • - 1 bottle of champagne piece-
  • - Candy in gold wrapper 48 piece-
  • - rafiya-
  • - termokley-
  • - Melt adhesive.



The first thing to do - is to cuttissue paper orange color that is in tissue, in the squares of 7 by 7 cm. Once you have done this, take the candy to put the glue on their flat side, and glue them to the center of the squares.


Now Fold the edges of the squares to the heightscandy, then again, we put glue on their flat part and glue the candy now directly to the bottle of champagne. To it looked nice and neat, candy must be glued tightly to each other, and preferably in a staggered manner. The bottle should hang right - from the bottom up in a circle.


Next, take the green paper and cut out of itleaves for pineapple. The shape must be narrow and long. Once excised leaves you need to glue them in multiple layers, then glued to the neck of the champagne.


It only remains to be wound on the throat of the bottle raffia. So our pineapple is even more similar to the present. Exclusive gift is ready! Good luck!

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