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EFFECT and original packaging for champagne


Effective and original packaging for champagne</a>

Very often for the New Year they give a box of chocolates andA bottle of champagne. The gift is, of course, good, but if you attach a little imagination, originality and a bit of patience to this, then this gift will be much more interesting.

I offer you an unusual package for champagne, namely in the form of pineapple.


You will need

  • - paper in orange color 2 sheets -
  • - paper in green color 1 sheet-
  • - a bottle of champagne 1 pcs-
  • - candy in a gold wrapper 48 pcs-
  • - raffia-
  • - hot-melt-
  • Adhesive glue gun.



The first thing to do is cutA tissue paper of orange color, that is, silence, on squares measuring 7 by 7 cm. After you did this, take the sweets, apply the glue on their flat side and glue them to the center of the squares.


Now bend the edges of the squares to the topsSweets, then again apply glue on their flat part and glue the candies now directly to the bottle of champagne. To make it look nice and tidy, the candy must be glued tightly to each other and preferably in a checkerboard pattern. The bottle should be glued correctly - from bottom to top in a circle.


Next, take the green paper and cut it outLeaves for pineapple. In form they must be narrow and long. After you cut out the leaves, you need to glue them together in several layers, then glue them to the neck of the champagne.


It remains only to wind on the throat of a bottle of raffia. So our pineapple will look even more real. Exclusive gift is ready! Good luck!

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