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SPECIAL utensils for induction cookers

Special utensils for induction cookers

Modern housewife now available a very large number of innovative new products kitchen. One of them is the induction cooker, which simply accelerates to the maximum heating process dishes.

By itself, the induction cooker is an electric machine with a glass surface. Its basic difference from the other plates in that it forms a differently heat.

Naturally, for an unusual plates needed and the appropriate crockery.

How to choose it - that's the main question, which is raised by the hostess.

When using induction cooker shouldkeep in mind that heat to heat occurs directly in the bottom of the cookware - pots, bucket, pan, etc. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the plate has a copper coil, high frequency electric current generator. The magnetic field, according to the laws of physics, penetrate the bottom of the dish and induce electric currents in it. The bottom of the cookware most of the round, so the currents are beginning to run in a circle. As a result, it heats itself and the bottom, and the food located in the vessel.

Statistics says that the induction cookerconventional heat to boil the water faster than any other range. Thus, for example, 15 liters of water can be boiled for 3.2 minutes, despite the fact that the electric hotplate this happens only after 14 minutes. Cools this plate is also faster - in just 6 minutes (compared to electric, which spends 50 minutes cooling).

One of the advantages of induction cooker is the fact that if you put it on an empty pot or other container, it will not turn on. This means that you will be protected by his forgetfulness.

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Naturally, taking into account all the parameters should beunderstood that any utensils in this case will not work. Therefore, if you set yourself induction cooker, be prepared for what will have to throw out all your existing enameled pots and other kitchen utensils.

What should be the utensils for induction furnaces

Plate only activated by reaction withdishes that have ferromagnetic properties. If you use any other, such as the one that is usually taken for a simple stove, and put it on the stove, it simply does not work.

Check the fit or not ware for induction hob is pretty simple - just enough to attach the magnet to the bottom. If he is not stuck, you have to look for other options.

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As a rule, idelanym option for inductionplates is tableware, vypolennaya stainless steel or cast iron. If you do not know which one to choose, read the advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, stainless steel is valued by women for beautiful appearance and good design (dishes are usually either matt or glossy, and very interesting to look at the cooking surface). In addition, stainless steel is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, so the appearance of it will not change too much (of course, with proper care and timely cleaning). And stainless steel cookware is universal. It is ideal for cooking on the stove, and prepared for storage in the refrigerator.

As regards disadvantages of such dishes, they are in thatthat it has no non-stick coating. This means that the products may stick to the bottom. To avoid such troubles can be, if only to spread the products on a heated surface.

Cast iron has a number of its advantages and benefits. For example, it is considered to be very durable. Often cast iron cookware even be inherited by the children. In addition, cast iron has excellent thermal conductivity - heats quickly and holds heat well. And yet he is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials that do not contain any harmful substances and does not spoil the taste of the products.

Of the minuses secrete too much weight, andthe fragility of the metal (if it is dropped, it may break). If you decide to choose a dish with a cast iron base, it is best to take those options, which are covered with enamel. This will help prevent corrosion.

And he and the other type of cookware may havenon-stick coating. Naturally, the main advantage of such a reliable degree of protection from the stick cookware products and sticking to the bottom. Among the few drawbacks is called the fragility of the coating, when it can be damaged. Indeed, in this case, use a pot or pan is impossible.

Technical requirements for induction cookwareplates are pretty simple. It certainly should occupy at least 70% of the burner on the hob area (or be less than 12 cm in diameter), and the bottom thickness should be not less than 2.4 mm. The cost of such special dishes slightly more expensive than usual. As a rule, on the bottom of manufacturers apply a special icon, indicating that the tableware designed specifically for induction cookers. Such dishes will help make your cooking process is more appropriate and healthy.

It should also be remembered that such pots and pans, and may well be used for cooking other types of plates - conventional glass ceramic, electric and gas.

Manufacturers utensils for induction cookers

To date, the production of cookwarenew plates are engaged for the most part eminent manufacturers. This Tefal, Tupperwear, Fissier, Woll and others. They are on the market high-quality products that meet all the demands placed upon it, and is able to meet the needs of the modern housewife. Specialists, by the way, is also recommended to choose well-known brands, to be 100% confident in the quality.

Buy set of dishes today is not a problem - they are sold in all stores, including online.

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