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How to speak in public without worry

How to speak in public without worry

Before any of us there comes a moment when you have to speak in public. During this period, immediately wakes up the excitement is growing fear of failure, before the eyes of all the floats ...

All this is familiar.

But not necessarily to be led by fear, if you know how to replace it with confidence.

You will need

  • - a wish-
  • - uverennost-
  • - glass of water.



Before you reach the audience, take a deep breathand exhale. Try to let go of all thoughts, just wait a minute "to disconnect" is well relaxes. Then a couple of times a deep breath and exhale and go on stage.


The first minutes on the public seem to be the most difficult,hands are shaking, my eyes do not rise up. This is normal. If dry, do not be afraid to drink water, it is also calm. You can just try to win over the people, began his presentation with some jokes in the subject. Then, gradually getting used to the audience, the fear will disappear in front of him.


Just let the installation of the brain that all is well, that you are well prepared, you are sure. Cheered themselves need. Themselves without noticing, you will feel more confident.

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