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How to speak publicly without worrying


How to speak publicly without worrying</a>

Before any of us there is always a moment when you need to speak publicly. During this period the excitement immediately wakes up, the fear of failure grows, everything swims before our eyes ...

Everybody knows this.

But it is not necessary to go on about fear, if you know how to change it for confidence.

You will need

  • - a wish-
  • - Confidence-
  • - glass of water.



Before you go out to the public, take a deep breathAnd exhale. Try to let go of all the thoughts, just wait a minute "in the disconnect", it's relaxing well. Then take a couple of deep breaths and exhale and go out onto the stage.


The first minutes in public seem the most difficult,Hands shake, eyes do not rise. This is normal. If it dries up, do not be afraid to drink water, it will also soothe. You can immediately try to locate the people, starting your speech with some kind of joke in the topic. Then, gradually getting used to listeners, the fear will disappear itself before itself.


Immediately let the brain be installed, that everything will be fine, that you are well prepared, you are confident. You need to cheer yourself up. Without noticing, you will feel more confident.

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