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How to speak in different voices


How to speak in different voices</a>

To be able to speak with different voices is necessary not only to the scout. To a much greater extent, this skill is useful to the comedian, parodist, artist of the original genre.

You can carry out the change of the voice both on your own and with the use of technical means.



If you have a wide range of voice, try simply to speak too high or low. Note, however, that if you talk too long for too long, the vocal cords may become tired.


If you have a coil recorder,Which you can switch the speed, in front of you - a ready-made device for changing the voice. To get a high pitch, play the recording at a higher speed than the one on which it was performed. To get a low key, do the opposite. But remember that in all cases, not only the tone, but also the pace of speech will change.


In the absence of a coil recorderUse a pocket recorder on microcassettes or conventional cassettes. Such devices usually allow you to choose one of two speeds, in contrast to cassette tape recorders and tape recorders, in which there is no such function at all.


Very convenient and simple device for changingVoice is a musical instrument kazoo (kazoo). If you do not already have it, seal the plastic tube on one side with a thin paper membrane, and on the side make a small hole. Speak or sing in the tube from the side opposite the hole, and your voice will change beyond recognition, while the tonality will remain unchanged.


Take advantage of the device that used to beWas practiced by underground translators of video films. Put a clothespin on your nose. She must squeeze it with a little effort, so as not to cause pain. But remember that you have to breathe with your mouth, and it's harmful. Therefore, the change of voice in this way can be carried out only in a room where the air is clean and warm, and the duration of the experiment in any case should not exceed several minutes.


Greater freedom in choosing effects when changingVoice opens the computer. Try, for example, to use the program Audacity. Very interesting in it, in particular, is the effect that imitates singing in chorus. But remember that no matter how you change your voice, with the help of professional equipment, special services employees will always be able to determine that it belongs to you. Therefore, do not use any of the methods described above for any other than artistic purpose.

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