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sow roots

sowing roots

Carrots give a good harvest if you know the secrets of planting vegetables and care for them.

Radish. Make furrows at a distance of 15-20centimeters, the depth of the grooves 2-3 centimeters. Pour water grooves. Sift the seeds sprinkle the ground. After germination the plants should be thinned out: to make the distance between the shoots of 5-6 centimeters. Land on the bed should be moist and loose. Optimal irrigation regime - once in two days, in hot weather - every day. Thus it is necessary to monitor nebylo water stagnation.

Beet It is very demanding to the sun, so choosingfor it is the sunniest place in the garden. In the soil before planting make (humus, compost) 1-1.5 buckets per 1 square meter. Prepare a groove for sowing depth of 2-3 cm, the distance between rows 25-30 cm. Shed borozki water, lay the seeds of 5-8 centimeters, pour on top of the ground and pour humus.

Carrot.To carrot was a success, the length of the bedsbetter positioned from north to south. Before sowing make the soil ash shoveled. The cooked and moist groove 1.5-2 cm sow seeds. Sprinkle with the ground, compacted. Prior to emergence to retain moisture and heat of the beds pull the film, or sprinkle with fluorine. After the appearance of two or three leaves, wipe the carrot, making the distance between the shoots of 5-6 centimeters.

To accelerate the emergence of the carrot and beet seeds vegetables better to sprout: soak them for several days in a damp cloth.

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