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How to disassemble the cartridge from the drill

Electric drill - an indispensable tool in the household. But even with careful handling drill from frequent use can sometimes fail.

As soon as you notice that the drill bit in the chuck is rotated, the toothed rim starts to move with difficulty, and the jaws of the chuck poorly centered, then it is time to change the cartridge.

You will need

  • Screwdriver, key for drill chuck, vise, wrench, hammer, punch



Replacing the chuck - the operationuncomplicated, but one fraught with difficulty: it is sometimes difficult to disconnect the old cartridge. Most often, the cartridge is attached screw shaft, at least - spindle.


Widely open the chuck and thenunscrew the screw with a screwdriver in the right direction (there is left-hand thread). If the first attempt does not work, disconnect the screw carefully Tap the head with a hammer and try to unscrew the screw is now.


To chuck was not turned at a spindle rotation, hold the key to his hold in the chuck or bench screw with plastic or copper "sponges".


After loosening the screw can be unscrewed oldchuck and replace it with a new one. The new cartridge is put on the spindle and tighten the chuck key. Put the retaining screw by turning it to the left. Drill again ready to go in realizing your wildest fantasies repair.

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