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Where to get 1000 rubles, if there is no money


A small amount of money is easy to find. There are a lot of ways, from collecting glass containers to writing articles. You can also take 1000 rubles on credit, but in this case you will have to pay high interest.

Where to get 1000 rubles, if there is no money
It can happen that there is absolutely no money, but you need to find at least 1000 rubles. This is not such a large amount that you can not find it quickly.


The easiest way to get money is to take themOn loan. In a debt can give relatives, friends, neighbors. However, nobody likes to lend money, and if you often take out a loan, there is a risk of stumbling upon a refusal. If borrowed - return at a specified time or even earlier, then the next time you trust without hesitation and a much larger amount.

On credit

Now there are many so-calledMicrofinance organizations. They are happy to give money on loan from 1,000 to 50,000 rubles (this amount varies by region) for a short period of time. However, here we need a positive credit history and no delinquency. In addition, MFIs have relatively high interest rates, so if they borrow money from them, they should return the loan as soon as possible.

Loans in the network

There are many resources on the Internet, whereThere is an opportunity to take a small amount of money in debt. However, here the interest is even higher than in the MFI. It is understandable - the owners are at great risk. If you need money for no more than a week or two, you can borrow 1,000 rubles from them.

Working with daily payment

You can get a temporary job, where they paydaily. You can ask for an advance from the head. If he likes you, he can quite trust you with the amount of 1000 rubles. Work as a waiter involves a tip, so you can get a job in a cafe and get your money, without waiting for wages. You can also look for other types of hired work where you can get money for a day or two: car wash, glass container washing, carpet cleaning, courier service, distribution of flyers and flyers.

Earn money online

This small amount of money can be earned in the networkWriting texts or creating websites, if, of course, there are certain skills. With 1,000 talent, you can earn a day or two. Perhaps this is the best option. In fact then this money should not be returned, moreover and with percent. It is more pleasant to earn money than to borrow it from someone.

To hand over bottles

You can collect glass bottles and turn them over. It's not such a bad way. But we must bear in mind that this niche may be occupied by other collectors, who need money more than you need. They have long divided the city into zones, the boundaries of which are trying not to violate. Be careful.

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