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Where to spend the Day of All Lovers with a guy


Day Lovers - a holiday that is celebrated on February 14 by many people around the world. It is believed that Day Enamored hearts have existed for more than 16 centuries. If you believe a beautiful legend, the future Saint Valentine was a young bishop and favored the romantic feelings of lovers. He helped write letters with confessions of love, made friends with quarrelsome lovers. His fate was sad, but in memory of him for many centuries the world is celebrating Day All lovers. There are a lot of places where you can celebrate this holiday alone with your loved one.

Where to spend the Day of All Lovers with a guy



The simplest option is a romantic dinner inCafe or restaurant. Tasty, warm, not burdensome. This is a wonderful place for a romantic candlelit dinner - enticing twilight, glitter of loving eyes and quiet music. Take care in advance, as popular institutions take much before the holiday. Many restaurants offer special menus this day - an offer that only lasts one day. You can have a good rest and enjoy a wonderful evening in the company of a loved one.


At home. Try to create an appropriate festive atmosphere. You can sprinkle the floor with rose petals or hearts carved from colored paper. Decorate the apartment with ribbons, bows, red balloons in the shape of hearts and candles. Do not forget to create a nice musical background. Turn on your imagination. Prepare a gift for your half, arrange a romantic dinner in the evening. Spend this day not as always, make crazy deeds, and most importantly - smile more often and confess to each other in love.


If you are active, thenIt seems boring to sit in one place all evening. In this case, go in the evening to a concert of your favorite band, a positive performance or a musical. Breathe in full the vivifying air of art, implicated in this day on the love and joy of others. Of course, tickets for similar events also need to be purchased in advance.


Certainly will not leave you indifferent and evening,Spent on a rink, horseback riding or sledding. In a word, use all opportunities for a real romantic holiday. Take a walk in romantic places. Each couple in love has places where they have been together. It could be a place of acquaintance or a first kiss.

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