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Where to relax in the summer of 2015 in Russia is inexpensive?


To date, more and more people are dreaming aboutQuality and inexpensive vacation. And a trip abroad can not afford all because of a number of important reasons such as a difficult financial situation, the inconvenience of long trips, the language barrier and so on. Rest in Russia is designed for this category of people. You do not need to spend money and time on a trip abroad, make out a large number of documents, spend a lot of money, and also learn a foreign language. Such advantages of rest in their native country makes it even more attractive and in demand.

Where to relax in the summer of 2015 in Russia is inexpensive?



Sochi is always at the height of popularity

For recreation in any case, a win-win option will be this city.
From all corners of the country come here and arrange for themselves a different level of rest - in spacious tents, expensive private villas, boarding houses or inexpensive private houses.


In addition to beach holidays in Russia there are many morePlaces where you can cheaply and profitably relax in the summer. Almost every suburb or region eats, some kind of boarding house or sanatorium, where you can improve your health, breathe the healing air or just have fun and have a good time. In Karelia and Altai there are very beautiful healing pensions, where you can gain enough strength and restore your health.
On vacation in the North Caucasus is worth tellingSeparately, and especially about the Stavropol Territory. This place is famous for its amazing pristine nature, healthy air and rich healing resources. And most importantly, all this is available to virtually every Russian citizen with an average income level.
In general, you can rent a house from a private person or a room, and independently visit all the health procedures of the resort.


Four popular city-resorts

Pyatigorsk. Therapeutic mineral springs are famous for this resort, where they come to be treated from all corners of the world. More than 40 sources number Pyatigorsk, among which the popularity of sulphide, radon and sulfuric water reservoirs are famous.

Zheleznovodsk. The resort is favorably located between the two mountain ranges - Beshtau and Iron Mountain. Offers healing waters of the Slavyanovsky and Smirnovsky springs. For rehabilitation and treatment use healing mud from the Tambukansky lake.

Essentuki. In the rehabilitation of patients with diabetes, he is an unchanged leader. Many other ailments successfully cure balneology in conjunction with the course of taking mineral water and a number of medical procedures.

Kislovodsk. Treatment with mineral waters is the hallmark of this city.


Excursion inexpensive vacation

Do not forget about sightseeing tourism, ifTalk about an inexpensive vacation in Russia. Our country possesses a rich history, that's why there are enough architectural monuments, historical places and museums that are worth visiting at least once in your life to learn more about your country. Practically in every Russian city or town you can find something interesting and exciting, as well as have fun in a circle of close and dear people.

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