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Where to draw graffiti


Graffiti - drawings on walls and on fences - inThe last time you can see more often. Colorful inscriptions, though not always understandable, picturesque drawings, as well as screen printing - graffiti can be very different. The main problem for artists, especially for beginners</a>, Is the choice of a place where you can draw.

Where you can not draw

Graffiti is by definition a public art. Here you can not lock yourself in the workshop, write a few masterpieces, and then put them in the gallery. It is necessary to choose a wall, preferably as much as possible noticeable, priming it and applying a picture. Very good, if it sees as many people as possible.

The only problem is: Recently in Russia, several laws were passed banning the drawing of graffiti in public places. Violators are faced with serious problems, because the amounts of fines were increased to 100,000 rubles. There are also more severe penalties - criminal ones. In especially difficult cases, you can lose your freedom for up to 10 years! But this law regulates the illegal painting of walls in public places, without prohibiting the art of graffiti in general.

Therefore, first of all it is very important to find out whereYou can not draw graffiti. These are all public areas, public buildings, fences of various structures and enterprises, various foreign constructions. In other words, you can not draw on anything that is not your property until you get permission to do it.

Where can I draw

The official position from the point of view of the law is such,That you can draw only in specially designated places. For example, many municipal organizations now began to invite artists to paint the boring facades of buildings or draw something on gray fences. Special graffiti festivals are held, during which representatives of street art are given to "torn apart" large areas where they can create as they want.

In addition, in large citiesVarious festivals of street art, hip-hop culture and others. Often at such festivals establish a platform on which you can paint. Sometimes specially invited artists, arranging from this whole show. If you live in a big city, then find out about similar events. You can be almost certain that you will find where to show your skills. And residents of small towns can be recommended to contact organizers of various holidays and festivals (and they are everywhere) with a proposal to make graffiti in the program. It is useful to give examples of successful cooperation of authorities and street artists from other cities.

If you find a good site in the city that you like, try to find out who it belongs to. Having received permission from the owner, you can draw completely freely.

Where to train beginners

The problem is only one: to get permission or draw at festivals, you need to be able to paint the walls well. How can this be learned?

Practice on the surfaces that youBelong. Perhaps you have a country house outside the city, the old walls of the house and the fence of which need your drawings. You can also find various abandoned territories and structures within which you can paint. Although these are not your own surfaces, the chance that the owner will find and oppose is almost zero. Shepherds, deaf streets, abandoned construction sites - all this can come in handy. Of course, the first few of your creations will not be seen by many viewers, but you will gain invaluable experience. After this, you can go to serious public venues.

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