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Where to hold a photo session in St. Petersburg


Petersburg is one of the most colorful citiesRussia, which can serve as a background for a beautiful portrait photo session or be the main character of any photography. To do this, it is enough to go out onto the streets of the city with a camera.

Photoshoot in St. Petersburg



With the same model, but in different placesPetersburg, you can create not one, but tens and hundreds of photo sessions, with completely different moods and images. Speaking of St. Petersburg, usually refers to the city center, but beautiful photos can be done in Peterhof, Pavlovsk, Gatchina and Tsarskoe Selo, which belong to the city.


The roofs are, perhaps, the most recognizableA film set of St. Petersburg. From here you can see the whole city: canals, bridges, Neva, surrounding houses. Finding an open roof is not easy, but there are several groups of rooftops in the social networks (lovers of roofs and heights) that can tell open places or hold for reward or for a photo session. Also, one can climb to the roofs or terraces of restaurants, cafes and anti-cafes of the city and make a few shots from there. As a rule, all the most beautiful sites for filming from a height are in the center of the city.


The second most popular background for photography,There are numerous rivers and canals of Petersburg. Very beautiful shots can be made from the side of the ship: they will fit like river trams running along the water area of ​​St. Petersburg from April to October, as well as small river vessels leasing. The most beautiful for a picture from the shore is the Griboedov Canal, as well as the Fontanka River with the embankment of the same name. The most recognizable Petersburg photos can be made in the Hermitage, Dvortsovaya Square, Neva embankment.


The most colorful and unusual frames usuallyAre obtained in the area of ​​Sadovaya street, and in particular in the vicinity of the famous Apashkin yard. Here you can see the unparalleled Petersburg: yard-wells, black stairs leading to the attic and the roof, abandoned houses. Such places are ideal for an unusual photo shoot in the style of "street art" or for the unofficial "dark-nude."


Within St. Petersburg you can conduct a brightA photo shoot on the nature in the Elagin Park area on the Krestovsky Island. In addition to a very beautiful green area surrounded on all sides by water, you can find small boats for rent, a small palace, favorite by wedding photographers (this is where the majority of wedding photosessions of the city are held), ducks and squirrels that constantly get into the frame.


Shooting against the backdrop of majestic palaces is bestHolds in the Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin) and in Peterhof (these two cities are part of the agglomeration of St. Petersburg). It is good to shoot weddings, costumes and themed photosessions.

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