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Where to buy clothes wholesale


Clothes in bulk can be bought directly from the manufacturer, in the clothing markets of China and Turkey, in Chinese online stores for wholesalers or warehouses in Europe.

To open your clothing store to youYou need to think about where you will deliver the goods. It is important to take into account not only purchase prices, but also the features of your business. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. At which price segment will the store be oriented?
2. What niche of the market will it occupy? Will it be a store for everyday or evening wear, for children or adults? Perhaps you are going to sell seasonal things or uniforms for employees of enterprises, carnival costumes or underwear.
3. Than your store will differ from the set of shops of competitors?

Choose a supplier, based on its business qualities, minimum lot sizes, price / quality ratio, and the proposed size range.

Clothes from the manufacturer

Direct supplies will help you achieve lowerPrices in comparison with competitors, the goods of which passed through a long chain of intermediaries. Various B-2-B-services will help you to contact the manufacturer and conclude a mutually beneficial contract. It is good to buy goods from the manufacturer if you are going to occupy a narrow niche in the market and sell one or two types of products, for example, leather jackets, school uniforms or swimwear.

Made in China

If you want to offer buyers a great dealA variety of casual clothes for the whole family, you can order goods in Chinese online stores. Many of them provide large discounts for wholesale buyers, and some do not fundamentally work with retailers. In Chinese online hypermarkets a huge assortment of clothes is presented in bulk for all occasions, which is what most entrepreneurs who open small shops use.

When purchasing clothes in China, be sure to consider the features of the size grid of Asian manufacturers. It is not superfluous to ask the seller for quality certificates.

The remains are sweet

If you want to open a store of low prices, butWhile you do not want to trade Chinese consumer goods, the obvious choice is a stock-center or second-hand. On the Internet it is easy to find contacts of European warehouses selling clothes of various quality with whole containers and bales. Such suppliers sort a huge amount of goods that are not sold in stores, and label batches, depending on the seasonality, type and consumer properties of the product. To trade stock goods, serious investments are required, but the profit is also high, given the growing consumer interest in fashionable clothes at affordable prices.

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