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Where to buy and how much does the student saxophone


Beginning musicians who decided to master the saxophone usually have questions: where to buy the instrument and how much it can cost? The most budgetary option is the so-called student saxophone.

Where to buy and how much does the student saxophone
A student saxophone, as the name implies,Is intended for beginning musicians and has the lowest cost in comparison with instruments of other levels. At first glance, it can be even less "tight" when playing than professional, but connoisseurs, unlike novices and amateurs, will feel a great difference in the sound quality and intonation. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is worthwhile to acquire a more "solid" instrument, in order to have more maneuvers in sound production. However, buying such a sample will leave a tangible gap in your wallet, and if you are not ready to go, you can at first confine yourself to a student saxophone.

"Fish" places

Perhaps, first and foremost willing to buySaxophone sent to music stores. Such large networkers as, for example, "Muztorg", not to mention the smaller points, usually offer the widest choice of guitars of different levels, while limiting only one or two models of student saxophones not of the best quality. So, if you like the saxophone on the counter, take it for training, but do not expect a bright and deep sound from it. Before buying it is also advisable to consult an expert, and it is even better to bring it to this store so that he can try the tool.

Apprenticeship tools are usually easier to learn, but sound worse.

Lower price threshold for new studentSaxophone begins with about 15 thousand rubles for alt, since it is the most common. Soprano, tenor and other models are more expensive. However, the average price of tools is usually higher, and the teacher will certainly recommend not to take the cheapest. The cost of student and semiprofessional models usually does not happen less than 30 thousand rubles.

For a wider choice it is worth going to the shops,Specializing not only in power tools, but also on wind instruments in Moscow, for example, Mariachi, "The World of Music" and various Yamaha instrument dealers. In the regions, alas, there may not be such at all. Despair is not necessary - in the same shops, as a rule, an order is available on the Internet, including in other regions. Of course, for something special, you will probably have to pay a somewhat larger amount, but in general, be prepared that for the sake of the instrument you will have to make some efforts: among the musicians, it is standard practice to travel to other cities for such a purchase.

From hand to hand

If you are not satisfied with the offer of the nearestShops, to other cities you are not ready to go and generally consider the saxophone cost too high for your wallet, it is worth paying attention to second-hand tools. Unlike many other things, with age, when properly used, they can not only not lose their qualities, but even become better. Experienced musicians know that the old beaten, well-blown saxophone sounds easier and more pleasant than the new one. Small scratches and scuffs, as a rule, do not affect the game process.

You can search for used models bySuch venues as Avito or "From hand to hand". In addition, it is worth to turn to specialized Internet forums and sites, where you will also be able to give recommendations before buying. One of the best ways to find a tool is to get acquainted with saxophonists and music teachers who will help with the selection of a guaranteed playing pattern. Particularly embarrassing you can leave an announcement about the purchase of the instrument in a local music school or other educational institution, in the Philharmonic.

Accurate with the purchase on sites like Ebay orAliexpress! If you buy a bad instrument, you will have to pay for sending it back. Yes, and customs may be required to pay a fee of 30% of the price of the instrument for import.

The cost of saxophone, used,Depends on many factors - its type and model, condition, manufacturer and year of production, the material of manufacture. The most common among second-hand tools are saxophone produced by the USSR (Moscow, Leningrad) and the GDR. Very often among them come across models that are of little use to the game, so you should check their quality before buying. It may be necessary to make repairs, but it can not always save the situation. Also, the price depends on the seller itself - sometimes people who absolutely do not understand tools can sell and can sell a quality saxophone at a very low price and vice versa.

On average, the price of second-hand alto or tenor productionThe USSR or the GDR begins with 6-10 thousand rubles, if the instrument is "difficult". At the same time, a high-quality "gadereovets" can cost 20 thousand, and even higher. Budget "Chinese", which are sold in stores for 15-25 thousand, will cost you thousands at 10-15. Please note that the price also depends on the place of your residence. People who live in a remote province, no matter how hard they try, will not be able to sell the instrument at a high price, whereas in large cities buyers could find it.

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