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Where in Moscow to buy pointes


Buy in Moscow pointes simple: A few specialized shops of clothes, shoes and accessories are open to the services of beginning dancers. There you can buy silicone inserts and tape for fastening.

Pointe shoes are worn not only by ballerinas, but also by other dancers
Those who decided to do classical dances orWrite a child in the ballet section, be sure to ask to buy pointes. Fortunately, several specialized shops are open in Moscow, where everything necessary for a beginner and an experienced dancer is sold.

Professionals performing in the ballet troupes do not need to run around the shops for stage shoes. Pointe shoes for them are made by hand according to individual measures.

All you need to know about pointe shoes

Some of the Moscow shops sellingShoes and clothes for dancing, have their representations on the Internet. Thanks to this feature, you can buy pointe shoes online and order delivery to your home or office. Nevertheless, it is advisable to try on shoes before buying, especially if it's your first pointe shoes. The stores are full size range, from children to adult sizes, but you will need to consider not only the size, but also the fullness of the foot.

An important indicator when choosing shoes for trainingBallroom dances - the stiffness of the insole. Pointe shoes are sold with super soft, soft, medium, stiff and super-rigid insole. The appropriate marking is on the package. Usually, beginners are advised to buy shoes with increased softness.

Correctly selected pointe shoes should sit tightlyOn the foot, without slipping from it. However, since the dances require sharp movements, it is necessary to additionally fasten the shoes with silk or satin ribbons.

To reduce the load and protect your fingers fromInjuries, some dancers wear pointes with special inserts. These inserts are made of silicone and foam rubber. Silicone inserts will cost more than foam rubber, but they can be used many times, unlike disposable foam rubber ones. If you intend to use liners, buy shoes for size larger.

Ribbons and inserts are not included, but you can easily find them in the same store where you will buy pointe shoes.

If you want the pointe shoes to serve you as long as possible, pay attention to the models with a "patch" of suede on the toe. It will slow down your dance shoes.

Bridal Pointe Shoes in Moscow

In the capital's shops you can buy both inexpensive dance shoes of domestic production, and branded pointes from London.

Widely known French firm Sansha,The official representative of which opened branded stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as an Internet showcase. Here you can buy inexpensive quality shoes: from 400 rubles per pair.

In Moscow salon "Debut" is sold shoes forDances of the Russian production: "Russian ballet", "Master class", "R-class". Pointe shoes of these companies are often recommended to their students by professional choreographers.

Another domestic company - "Grishko" - hasOwn production of all possible clothes and shoes for dancers. Ballet flats, jazz dresses and "Grishko" pointes are successfully sold in Russia and abroad. In the range of adults and children's sizes.

Also, if you want in the capital you can buyPointing shoes brands Freed of London, Repetto, Wear Moi. This expensive premium dance shoes will be an excellent gift and motivates for new stage successes.

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