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Where is it forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages?


Drinking alcoholic beverages in publicPlaces is an administrative offense. But in order to bring to justice those who committed this offense, it is necessary to clearly establish the range of public places.

List of public places

The main objective of the Law limiting consumptionAlcoholic beverages - stimulating a healthy lifestyle, as well as increasing the level of culture of consumption of alcoholic beverages. According to the requirements of this Law, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are prohibited to be consumed:
- in the premises of self-government bodies and public authorities -
- in educational institutions and sports grounds-
- in institutions of culture and health-
- in public transport.
Also to the number of places where it is forbidden to use low-alcohol and alcoholic beverages are payphones and elevators.

Where it is impossible to sell alcoholic beverages and what are the age limits

It is prohibited to sell alcohol to persons who have not reached21 years old. In connection with the increased cases of selling alcohol-containing beverages in premises not provided for these purposes, these goods are not allowed to be hand-delivered, in places of sale of children's goods, on the territory of educational institutions.

Amendments have been made to the articles of the Law regulating the consumption of alcohol at the time of mass events.
The reason for bringing to the administrativeResponsibility is the drinking of alcoholic beverages and beer in parks, squares and on the street, as well as the appearance in public places in a state of intoxication, which entails the commission of actions that offend honor and dignity.
Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited onProduction, in the premises of organizations and institutions. The law provides for the prevention or imposition of a fine on citizens who consume alcohol in the workplace.

What do we drink?

Legitimacy of the use of these drinksDepends on the percentage content of the alcohol in it, i.e. Fortress. If the product contains less than 12% of ethyl alcohol, it is classified as low-alcoholic beverages, and alcohol content is more than 12%. It is forbidden to use low-alcohol products in all types of public transport and children's, educational and medical organizations. The list of places where you can not drink strong drinks - even wider.

Appreciate the dignity of sparkling wine or fragrantCognac is available in restaurants, bars and other specially designated places for this. In connection with the frequent cases of hooliganism on board aircraft, it is forbidden to consume cognac and whiskey on board liners. This does not apply to beer. As for the use of alcohol in nature, the issue here is ambiguous. The law does not define the status of places on the banks of rivers, lakes and other territories. But a picnic with drinking alcohol on the territory of recreation centers or park is an offense. Today, a serious offense is driving a car in a drunken state. And no matter the car is in motion or not. Also, parents will have to pay a fine, whose children consume alcohol.

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