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Where folic acid is contained


Folic acid can be produced by the bodyIn small amounts in the intestine. But this, first, is possible only with a healthy intestinal microflora. Secondly, this vitamin is produced in a very small amount, insufficient to cover the body's need. For compensation, you need to take vitamins or put in food products that contain folic acid.

Where folic acid is contained
Vitamin B9, or folic acid, was firstIsolated from spinach leaves. The substance is extremely vulnerable - it dissolves well in water, collapses under the influence of high temperature and light. Therefore, in the boiled form of its products do not contain - in the preparation of folic acid disappears. And even if the products are kept at room temperature for a long time, the vitamin breaks down in them. To vitamin B9 got into the body, you should not store vegetables and fruits for a long time, and instead of cooked or stewed dishes to eat better raw salads.

Where folic acid is contained

Especially a lot of folic acid is contained inHerbs, leafy vegetables of green color. The vitamin B9 content is highest in spinach, green salad and parsley, green vegetable tops. It is very much in the leaves of cabbage, in broccoli, in horseradish and leek.

Abound with folic acid leaves are blackCurrant, wild rose and raspberry, birch and linden, yarrow. It is also found in dandelion, mint and plantain, nettle, hinge, other herbs. Rich in this vitamin, mushrooms, especially white mushrooms and mushrooms - not in vain they are considered the most valuable among others.

Pregnant and nursing mothers can recommendEat more carrots and beets, as well as pumpkin, cucumbers, peas and beans. Of the fruits, the leaders in the content of folic acid are bananas and apricots, oranges and melons. The list of plant products containing this substance is very large, and all of them are somewhat problematic.

Vitamin B9 is very abundant in cereals, in barleyCereals, wholemeal and products thereof. Nuts are just a storehouse of vitamin, this applies to almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and peanuts. Among products of animal origin, the championship is held by fish - tuna and salmon, followed by pork, beef, animal liver, chicken, dairy products.

For which the human body needs folic acid

The use of folic acid for the human bodyIt is difficult to overestimate. Without it, the development of red blood cells will be difficult, which will adversely affect the composition and quality of the blood. She is responsible for the appetite and normal digestion.

From a sufficient content of vitamin B9 inThe person's attitude to unpleasant events, stressful situations depends directly. When there is a shortage of it, a person does not feel the strength to take up the problem solving in case of their occurrence and is able to fall into depression. The development of the "hormone of joy" - serotonin - also largely depends on vitamin B9.

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