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Where to buy verbena


Verbena is an extraordinarily beautiful plantHeight from 20 to 100 cm, branched stems and small flowers of red, white, pink, purple or yellow with a creamy core. The plant is quite unpretentious in care and very popular among florists and gardeners.

Verbena hybrid
There are more than 250 species of verbena, mostOf which are native to North and South America. Since ancient times, this plant is popular, not only because of its extraordinary beauty, but also medicinal properties. And in some religions it is even endowed with some mythical and magical abilities.

In the modern world, verbena is widely used inCosmetology, in folk and traditional medicine. Decoctions and tinctures based on it have strong analgesic and antiseptic properties, they are used as a soothing and astringent. In ancient times, verbena treated leprosy and fever, skin diseases and used it to disinfect wounds.

But at the moment it is still more popularAmong the florists, who use it to decorate the courtyards of houses or country plots. In order for verbena to rejoice with its flowering as long as possible, it is necessary to know the rules of its choice and care for it.

How to choose and where to buy verbena

Verbena blooms all summer, she is prettyIt is unpretentious to choose a place for planting. Many flower growers replace it with plants that fade in early summer. And due to the fact that its roots are very compact, it can be used for planting in suspended flowerpots and decorate it with verandas, terraces and balconies.

Choose a type of the plant, based primarilyEverything, from the place of her future residence. Hybrid and Canadian verbena are undersized varieties with compact stems and branches that are suitable for planting in pots and for decorating balconies. Verbena Rigid forms a rather voluminous bush and this variety is better planted in the open ground. But verbena Buenos Aires is a tall plant with shoots more than 1 meter long and it can be used even as a hedge or for the formation of a detached flower garden.

On the question of where to buy verbena, anyThe florist will tell you that you only need to do this at a specialized retail outlet. When buying seeds or cuttings in the market, there is a great risk of acquiring either the wrong sort, which is needed, or not verbena at all.

Care instructions for vervain

Plant vervain is best on openSunny places, in an easy fertile soil. Further care for the plant is the timely irrigation, weeding, loosening of the soil, the removal of fading flowers and leaves. It is recommended to water it rarely, only when the earth coma is completely dry around the plant. As a top dressing it is necessary to apply complex mineral fertilizers, which are sold in any specialized store.

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