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Where to buy professional hair dye


Professional hair colors are extremely rareAre found in the range of ordinary stores. Most often they are purchased in beauty salons and professional cosmetics stores - traditional and virtual.

Professional Hair Dye
Professional means for coloringDiffer from domestic for a number of parameters. They have a different chemical composition, better fit the hair and provide a more "accurate" color with exquisite color nuances. Qualitative professional paints are hypoallergenic, odorless, practically do not damage the hair structure and provide long lasting coloration.

Can I buy professional paint in a supermarket

Professional paints are almost notMeet on the shelves of regular stores and supermarkets. Here you will find only means for household staining: packages with a ready-to-use dye composition that needs to be mixed with an oxidizer. Conventional hair colors are inexpensive, convenient and easy to use, so they are in high demand among customers. Professional means are more expensive and more difficult to apply, which can alienate the average consumer.

Where is the best way to buy professional hair dye

Manufacturers of professional hair colorsProduce separately two production lines: a colorant and an oxidant that contains 3 to 12% of an oxidant and is used to lighten the hair for one or more tones. There are also mixtons - color correctors, which are mixed with other paints to get the desired result.

When painting in a beauty salon or a hairdresser'sThe master individually selects the proportions of paint, oskidant and mixton in accordance with the type of appearance of the client and her natural shade of hair. Do the same yourself without practical skills is very difficult. Therefore, before buying a professional tool, it is best to consult a specialist who will help you choose the paint of the desired color and additional components for staining.

For this purpose it is better to visit a specializedShop of cosmetics or beauty salon: in them sometimes there are departments where professional means for hair care are realized. In a sense, the salon is preferable to the store, because Here you can be advised by a hairdresser with extensive practical work experience.

If you know exactly what kind of paint you wantBuy, you can safely order it from the online store cosmetics. This option is perfectly suitable for residents of small towns and cities, where there are often no retail points for the sale of professional hair products.

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