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Where it is better to open a brokerage account


Work on the securities market can bringStable high earnings. In addition, investing in shares of enterprises is a very good option for investment. But for an independent trading in securities, a novice investor should know a lot and be able to. In particular, to understand where it is best to open a brokerage account.

Where it is better to open a brokerage account
Currently, brokerage services offerA lot of companies. Therefore, the investor's task is to choose the most convenient and reliable option. It should work with companies that have in fact proven their reliability and responsibility to customers.

One of such companies is Sberbank of Russia. For some time now, it provides its clients with access to trading in shares on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, which deals with securities of Russian companies.

How to open a brokerage account in Sberbank

To open an account, you just need to contactThe nearest branch of Sberbank and find out where you can conclude a contract for brokerage. It will be concluded with you right away or you will be given the address of the Sberbank institution that you need. As a rule, the contract can be concluded in the central office of the Savings Bank in the regional center.

You need to have a passport, TINYou a bank card of the Savings Bank or a savings book. You will also need about 2000 rubles to pay a USB flash drive with software. For trading you will be provided with a very convenient program - the QUIK trading terminal. You will be able to work directly from your computer, you will be available information on all trading instruments, including shares of blue chips - the leading Russian companies.

Applications for the purchase and sale of shares can beBut also work through the computer is much more convenient. It is very important that when working with a trading terminal, you will have the opportunity to analyze the dynamics of the exchange value using a variety of technical analysis tools. The website of Sberbank has training materials that will help a beginner to begin work on the securities market.

Opening an account with other brokerage companies

The main condition for opening an account with other brokersThe same is their reliability. You can work with large banks or specialized broker companies. Before making a choice, be sure to search the network for feedback on the work of your institution. In particular, how easy it is for customers to withdraw their funds. A reliable company has a maximum payment for a few days, no problems with withdrawal of funds.

To start trading in shares on an open accountYou must make a certain amount. For comfortable trading, you must have at least 20 000 rubles. Some companies set a minimum deposit amount, others do not. In any case, to start trading without having at least 10 000 rubles on the account is not recommended. Before starting real work, you should practice for a while on a free demo account, this will allow you to learn the basic methods of trading.

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