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Where to fish better on the Shosha River


The Tver region is rich in water resources. In this area there are more than a dozen large rivers. Therefore, the vicinity of Tver attracts fishing enthusiasts. You can fish on the Volga, Dvina, Vazuz, Shoshe and other rivers. Shosh is attractive because almost all of its beaches are far removed from settlements, this river can be excellent fishing and rest, enjoying the peace and tranquility.

Shosha River
The Shosha River flows through the territory of Tver andMoscow Region. Its length is 163 kilometers. The river bed is meandering, the banks are low and sometimes swampy. Shosha flows into the Ivankovskoye reservoir. In the place of the confluence, a rift is formed. Shosha is popular all year round among anglers.

Fishing places

There are many types of freshwater fish in Shosh, inIncluding perch, ide, roach, pike, minnow, bream and chub. However, in places its banks are swamped, because of this fishing is not possible on all sections of the river. And the entrance to Shoshe by car is also difficult in places.

One of the popular places for fishing isVillage of Turginovo, where you can reach any car. Also, many fishing places can be found below Turginovo, where the river expands. With a motor boat, finding a place to fish is much easier. In addition, from the pier in the village Konakovo to Turginovo you can swim by boat.

Near the village of Volodino, the bird of prey bites well. You can catch a pike with wobblers and spoon-bait. If you drive along the E-105 by car to Tver, then it's better not to reach this village and turn to Pasy- nkovo. After Pasynkovo ​​drive along the Moscow highway about two kilometers, then there will be a normal approach to the water.

A section of the river beyond the village of Bezborodovo is suitable forCatching predatory fish on the feeder. And on the spoil there is a good catch of bream. Happy biting, most likely, will be more active. Although at night there is a chance to catch a large fish. Bezborodovo is located at the confluence of Shoshi in the Ivankovskoe reservoir. Fishing places can be found above the village. If you move upstream, then approximately one kilometer from Bezborodovo there will be entrances to the water and a bridge across the river.

The lower reaches of Shoshi are on the site of the Zavidovsky Reserve, where fishing is possible only with permission. You can get permission in the reserve directorate.

Bait and tackle

The scoundrel and the borer usually peck well atMormyshku. Attention to perch and roach most often attracts dough or maggots. If you are planning to go to Shosh for such trophies as a large pike and pike perch, then it is better to stock up with silicone baits, wobblers, jig-heads and spoon-bait. A good catch can be obtained if you use bait: minnow, perch, roach or crucian carp.

A float fishing rod can catch a pike from the shore, but in one place it is unlikely that it will be possible to catch more than two fish. After each caught pike, it is better to change the casting site. Or you can fish from a boat.

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