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SOME information about shingles


As a roofing material, tile is used for a long time.

More precisely, from the 19th century.

Its durability has proven its durability.

At the present time is not lost relevance of shingles, it is used by 85% of Europeans.



First of all shingles retains wonderful silence. Rain and bad weather does not break holidays indoors, which is covered with tiles.


This coating has a variety of models and color shades. So can satisfy any taste.


Another positive quality tiles - easily replaceable. If you get poor quality sections in case of cracking, tiles can be simply removed from the series, replaced by another.


Notably, such a quality as chemical resistance and solar radiation. At the same time manufacturers produce tiles made of natural materials.


On the composition of modern tile is divided intoceramic and cement-sand. Ceramic is a part of clay, like many years ago. The difference from its ancestors is that firing is now performed at a temperature above 1000 degrees.


The second variant consists of cement tiles andsand, with the addition of certain pigments. Such tiles after hardening is covered by several layers of paint. It becomes smooth, frost-resistant and heat-resistant. Cement-sand tile is shock-resistant, unlike ceramic, it can withstand up to 350 kg load. Its price lower than the ceramic.


The most important drawback of roof tile is its weight. For laying of the roofing material is important to consider the design of the roof truss.


Choosing as roofing shingles, the buyer will ensure yourself a good roof for 1000 years.

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