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Some information about tiles


As a roofing material, tile is used for a long time.

More precisely, from the 19th century.

Its strength has proved its durability.

At the present time, tile has not lost its relevance, it is used by 85% of Europeans.



First of all, the tile is remarkably quiet. Rains and bad weather does not disturb the rest inside the room, which is covered with tiles.


This coating has a variety of patterns and color shades. So it can satisfy every taste.


Another positive quality of the shingles is an easy substitutability. If a poor-quality section hits, in case of cracking, the tile can simply be removed from the row, replacing it with another.


Noteworthy is the quality, such as resistance to chemical attack and solar radiation. At the same time, manufacturers produce tiles made of natural materials.


The composition of modern shingles is divided intoCeramic and cement-sand. Ceramic in the composition has clay, like many years ago. The difference from her great-grandfathers is that the roasting is now carried out at temperatures above 1000 degrees.


The second version of the shingles consists of cement andSand, with the addition of some pigments. After the hardening, such a tile is covered with several layers of paint. It becomes smooth, frost-resistant and heat-resistant. Cement-sand tiles are impact-resistant, in contrast to ceramic, it can withstand up to 350 kg of load. Its price is lower than ceramic.


The most important drawback of tiles is its weight. For laying such roofing material it is important to consider the roof truss structure.


Choosing as a roofing tile, the buyer will provide a good roof for 1000 years.

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