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How to solve psychological problems, if there is no money for a psychologist?

How to solve psychological problems, if there is no money for a psychologist?

Sometimes for psychological counselingseek people who are in a deadlock situation. They can not pay a consultation because of its complexity and can not resolve them, because they simply do not know how to do it.

There is a vicious circle from which at first glance there is no escape. In very rare cases, an expert will be taken free of charge to work with a client.

And what to do if such a case will not be presented?

You can suggest a few ways out of this situation.

Self-help books

Now on the Internet in the public domain therea huge amount of literature, the study of which can really help to resolve many of the problems and change themselves. This books and teaching aids, and even entire courses designed for self-pass, which can provide answers to many questions. We need to find the direction of self-help, which is closest to a specific person.

Popular authors, offering assistance tosolve all sorts of problems can be attributed Louise Hay, Lise Bourbeau, Sergei Kovalev, John Kehoe, Vladimir Levi, Valery Sinelnikov and many others. Each author offers his view on the causes of difficulties in all spheres of life and give their solutions. We just need to make an effort to study them.

Audio and video lectures

Along with the books in the network have the opportunity tofree unique information through audio and video. Lectures, seminars and workshops are put on the sites of many organizations involved in counseling, psychological and spiritual help. Their study also can help to understand themselves and to solve a variety of personal difficulty. It lectures and seminars Oleg Torsunova Ruslana Narushevich, Sergey Lazarev, Olga Valyaeva, Andrew Kurpatova etc.

View inspiring films.

Inspiring films tell about the path of the hero inthe full sense of the word, and through this set up for success, learn to overcome difficult situations, motivated to move forward. If you enter in the search engines, "inspiring movies" - you'll get links to sites and forums with the list of such films.

Spiritual Help

Appeal to the church, visiting the places of power,Communication with people who are willing to share their wisdom - all of these methods can help to a large extent, have a beneficial effect and show ways to solve problems.

helping others

Such a way to help change the thinking of othersman and you can get rid of the victim's position. If you are even in their difficult situation, you find the strength and the opportunity to help those who are even more complicated, then your progress will be more significant.

As we have just seen, there are many availableways not to be alone with the problem and begin to make real steps to resolve it, even in the absence of money for psychological counseling.

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