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How to solve the problem with credit, if a large debt

How to solve the problem with credit, if a large debt

Financial difficulties may seem insurmountable, if necessary also to return the debt on the loan.

To refuse payments can not, because you can lose a lot.

Solve a problem can be a variety of ways.



First, contact the bank and take out the FAQEach of the payment. You need to know the date of payment, amount and description (for what the money has been made). This certificate can be obtained on the same day. If the bank refused to issue a certificate on the same day, write a statement that the bank will consider for a few days. In case you need to write the above statement, ask for a copy of your application. Official Paper always plays an important role.


When the information to be obtained, make a anotherstatement on restructuring debt, in other words - with a request for a vacation on the loan. Be sure to describe in detail the situation and inform that on further payments will not give up. Do not give up, and from fines. As a rule, banks with greater understanding relate to bona fide customers, even when there are similar situations.


Consult with a lawyer and makeapplication to the Bank for cancellation of his permission to use the personal information bank, as this action will stop the bank from the data collection agency. The main thing to remember always - collect copies of all the documents completely. Carefully re-read the loan agreement, as some banks have initially prescribed the fine print item that prohibits withdrawal of consent on the processing and transfer of the client. If such an item is in the contract, the above statement would not make sense. In this situation, legal advice will be particularly necessary.


You can find another way out - to pay a smallamounts, as long as the payment took place exactly on terms. Such a "knight's move" will not allow the bank to identify you as a customer with bad credit history. If it is impossible to pay even small amounts every month send to the bank a letter, which must indicate the possible options for resolving the situation. Such a step will help shape the image of a bona fide borrower. This image can play a big role if we have to litigate. Inspectors of the bank in most cases are going to meet. Refusing to negotiate with them is not necessary, as there are quite a number of cases where an agreement with inspectors and security forces turned out quite quickly.


Refer to another bank to refinance the debt.

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