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How to solve the problem with a teenager

The problem with a teenager.

Problems that occur with teenagers, often caused by the same reasons.

This is depending on the causes and costs to solve the problem itself.

What are the common causes and how to do is to solve them is true for parents and children?



The most common cause of problems withteenager is his dissatisfaction with himself. Discontent may occur in isolation or, on the contrary, aggressiveness. If this is the discontent caused by the appearance, should think together about ways to solve problems (buying new clothes, change of image, trips to the gym). Sometimes teens misjudge themselves, believing that they are ugly, unintelligent, and the like. Often to blame the parents themselves. What to do? Just often say teen about how wonderful he is and how you love him.


Prone to lead teenagers very oftenthe streets get involved in criminal gangs, are beginning to get involved in alcohol. If you notice that your child is getting really addicted to it all, it is seriously concerned about and take action. Police psychologist, you are, of course, can help a teenager, but the best option here - it is moving, and a complete change of the circle of communication, workplace environment and the teenager.


The most common problems with the lack of understanding in the familyprovoke not the teenagers and their parents, who behave like children. Mutual resentment, unwillingness to communicate, caustic remarks and reproaches - this is not the best weapon for the parents of the child-teen. Adults should understand that the child did not cease to love them, but simply changes his life, looking for himself, and to show maximum understanding and support.

Adults should understand their children.

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