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How to solve the problems of law


How to solve the problems of law</a>

Legal education provides both a theoretical and practical part.

The latter consists in solving special problems of law, which involve the logic and knowledge of students in the subjects.



Read carefully the condition of the task right,Which you need to solve. Determine to which section of the law it refers. Depending on this, it is necessary to choose a suitable Code or another collection of laws of the Russian Federation. Most often for solving problems are applied Civil, Criminal, Administrative, procedural and some other collections.


Identify the actors of the task. Usually, one person acts as a plaintiff who sues another person - the defendant. Nevertheless, most often the defendant in the tasks turns out to disagree with the claims and demands put forward to him, and in this connection he submits a counterclaim. Students must determine who in this case has really violated the law and prove it using legal sources.


Describe the outline of the situation described in the task. Indicate the time and circumstances under which these or other acts were committed, as well as persons who had direct involvement with them. Determine which persons acted intentionally, and which did not-which made them commit certain actions. Usually, when building a chain of actions, it becomes clear what kind of offenses and by whom were committed.


Open the section that is appropriate for the task condition.Of the relevant Code. Select several articles that are closest to the actions committed by the defendant. Please note whether these articles were current at the time of the offense. Relying on them, prove that the defendant has really violated the laws or, on the contrary, is wrongfully accused of this. Take into account the circumstances of the case, as well as exceptions and notes in legislative acts that could affect the issuance of a judicial verdict. Draw a conclusion, giving a detailed answer to all questions given in the condition of the problem.

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