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How to solve problems by writing fairy tales


How to solve problems by writing fairy tales</a>

As a child, we listened with pleasure to my grandmother's tales before going to bed.

The magic subjects excited our imagination, taught to distinguish good from evil and gave important parting words. But, believe me, the influence of a fairy tale on our life is not limited to this ...

So that you do not think that this is a lesson in white magic,I want to note that skazkoterapiya - a direction in psychotherapy, which uses the work of writing new and working on existing fairy tales. And you can apply some of these techniques yourself.

When writing a fairy tale, you areUnconscious, which reveals secrets: your hidden desires, fears, strengths and resources. As a result of this dialogue, you independently find a solution to your problem.

You need a pen and a few sheets of paper. Sit in a quiet and peaceful place, where no one will disturb you. As the basis of the plot, take your most unpleasant problem, which requires an urgent solution. Describe it in several sentences on the draft.

Now translate the unpleasant situation into a fairy taleplot. Think about what fairy-tale hero you look like? And your enemies, friends and helpers? Do not meditate for hours, use the first ideas that come to your mind. Now write down your translation into a fairy tale language. Do not think about what your teacher of literature would say. The artistic side of your work does not matter at all. The main thing is healing, the solution to your problem.

Do this until you describe the situation completely. For example:

"Once upon a time there was a Tsar. Lived did not grieve. Everything he was good at: goldfish in ponds, golden mountains in barns, horses of expensive brands and a beloved wife. But for some reason he was not happy. He did not understand what, but something saddened him. "Stop at this.

Now you need to include the imagination and come up withThe completion of a given situation that you would like to embody in reality. Your unconscious will tell you the right way. Just keep writing a fairy tale, but do not rush to build a plan to overcome the crisis. Continuation may be a meeting of a sage, the appearance of a wizard or a fantastic beast, the accomplishment of a feat or a miraculous transformation. The main thing - let the fairy tale end well.

If it is very hard for you to come up with an ending,Postpone your "pen" for a while, but do not forget about the tale. Perhaps, you will be illuminated in half an hour, and, maybe, only by the end of the week. The main thing is that you will have work on solving this problem inside.

When the fairy tale is finished, reread it. Think about what a happy ending might look like in real life. What can you do to speed up the positive changes? Do what depends on you, but otherwise trust your fairy tale. It will lead you to wherever you need.

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