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How to solve the problem of spiritual and moral education of students

An important example is for a student teacher

A common problem of school assemblies is the aggressive behavior of schoolchildren, which is inhumane in nature.

Increasingly spread baiting junior senior, declining respect for adults, increases the level of violence.

At school, where some people pinched freedomothers enter certain disciplinary requirements. These students - future adults, so it is as soon as possible to familiarize them with the legal framework.
Firstly, it is necessary to introduce cool hour whereit will be possible to tell the children about the "Concept of the spiritual and moral development of the person" AY Danyluk. It is necessary to read out what values ​​distinguishes modern state. Pay attention to those things that are in the first place (family, patriotism, human health).
Secondly, familiarize students with the legislative acts. Everyone should know their rights and freedom, but it must clearly carry and set requirements to it.
A special session can dedicate to such a conceptas responsibility. Disassemble its interpretation, both scientific and journalistic. Have several students will prepare a report on this subject. Then it will be possible to organize a round table discussion and hear the views of other children of the speakers presentations.
It is important for the student is the person itselfeducator who presents the material. It should be respected in the school environment a person is highly professional in their teaching activities, as well as in the field of interpersonal communication.
Using the aesthetic development can alsoto contribute. Use the tools of modern cinema, art, music for the development of spiritual and moral qualities of the person. Have each student write an essay about what spodvigaet him to do good deeds.
The last and the most important advice is to workthe school with his family. Whatever the child, he is influenced by the closest social institutions. Only the education system will be able to grow from a decent human personality, developed both mentally and spiritually-moral.

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